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Reasons to immigrate to Chile

Particularly in recent years, Chile has grown to be one of the most desirable immigration destinations. There are several explanations for why Chile attracted so many people.

With 7 million residents, Santiago de Chile is one of the largest cities in both North and South America. Many global firms have regional headquarters in Chile’s cultural, political, and financial hub. If you’re considering moving to Chile, you should first research the nation and its people before considering your chances of success. This calls for a thorough examination of the available immigration options and the accompanying requirements, the choice of one’s course, the creation of a timetable, and the gathering of the required paperwork before applying for a visa.

Flag of Chile

Main justifications for moving to Chile

The motivations to relocate to Chile are as follows:

  • Numerous fascinating career opportunities are available in specialized fields of the labor market.
  • The immigration process is simpler. No language exam is necessary. Furthermore, no medical examination is required.
  • Chile offers lucrative commercial opportunities.
  • Pensioners are welcome, and there is no age restriction.
  • Living expenses are reasonable.
  • Excellent healthcare is available, and health insurance is reasonably priced.
  • Real estate can be bought before becoming a resident.
  • For foreign residents, the first three years are tax-free.

The existing Decree-law 1094, passed in 1975, will be replaced by new immigration legislation, according to the Chilean government. Law No. 21.325 was enacted in November 2021 and has extensive rules. In February 2022, a supplementary executive decree was announced. All applications and other processes must adhere to this new regulation as of February 12, 2022. To supplement the application of this law, further decrees have also been made.

How to get ready to arrive in Chile

It is simple to migrate to Chile. The nation offers wonderful tourism opportunities and thriving local communities. Healthcare, in particular, is of very high quality, and the Chilean economy is expanding. Expats and digital nomads are being hired in a variety of industries, including mining, natural resources, high-tech, tourism, education, healthcare, and design, all of which are experiencing growth. Entrepreneurs are also welcome. One of the simplest places in the world to start a business is Chile. It makes sense why it’s a well-liked vacation spot. Here are some pointers to aid with your adjustment.

Study the local dialect and culture

If you’re thinking about relocating to Chile, knowing Spanish is a must. A whopping 95% of people can communicate easily in Spanish. 5% of the population speaks indigenous languages like Mapudungun.

While business people, students, and those working in the tourism industry frequently speak English, Spanish is still widely spoken in daily life.

Look for work in Chile

“Pituto” is the key to successful job searching in Chile. Pituto, which can be loosely interpreted as a “personal network”, is similar to a live version of LinkedIn. Pituto shows, at best, how friends might help one another look for work. It’s a deciding factor at worst in the so-called “hidden job market”. Pituto is responsible for many positions in Chile never even being listed.

Comprehend living costs

Housing, regional cuisine, petrol, and public transit are all widely regarded as being affordable in Chile. Luxuries are disproportionately expensive, including meals at restaurants and imported luxury products. Utility costs, however, are a very large expense. Most rental properties do not include utility costs. Chile must import energy since it lacks any domestic sources of affordable energy. As a result, the price of water, electricity, and heat has soared due to the rising cost of imported energy.

Locate a residence

In Chile, locating a cozy, affordable home is typically not a challenge. While there may not be as many options in some of Santiago’s hipper areas, there is often a good selection.

Recognize the medical system

The public healthcare system in Chile is incredibly effective and is usually regarded as the best in South America. Any resident who pays payroll taxes into the system is covered under the public program known as FONASA. Primary care, urgent care, specialized care, hospitalization, maternity care, and other services are all covered by FONASA. Additionally, it offers assistance to the underprivileged, pregnant mothers, disabled persons, and the unemployed.

Make a Chilean bank account

Chile’s official currency is the Peso. It is referred to as CLP. Like the US dollar, it also utilizes the symbol “$”. Speaking of which, most tourist destinations in Chile take US currency. They are significantly less typical in tiny local enterprises, though.

It is more difficult said than done for expats going to Chile to register a bank account so they may effortlessly spend pesos. Expats are discouraged by Chilean banking regulations from opening domestic accounts. Furthermore, the vetting procedure is extremely severe even when it is possible.

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