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France: how to become police officer

In particular, in France, these tasks are performed by two centralized departments – the National Police and the Gendarmerie. They are endowed with the same powers, but at the same time are subordinate to different ministries.

Professional training for the French police

In France, the police training system is centralized. The French police training system is one of the oldest in the world. The first police educational institution “School of Practice” was founded in 1883. At present, there are 20 schools for the training of ordinary police officers, two schools for training middle level and a school for police commissars.

Citizens of France aged 17 to 35 years old with secondary education, good health, and a referral approved by the prefect are admitted to serve in the police. Before taking up any position in the police force, a person entering the service is required to undergo training in one of the police training institutions. Admission to them involves a serious competitive selection. The initial training of ordinary police officers is the most streamlined link in the professional training system of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs. It lasts 12 months.

Over four months, students receive the basic knowledge necessary for a police officer to carry out patrol duty. After that, the trainees are sent for an internship at the police units, where, under the guidance of an experienced mentor, they get acquainted with the work practice. Based on the results of the work, the head of the internship gives the ward a grade.

2 police men in police uniform standing on road during daytime

At the end of the month, the intern again returns to the educational institution, where during the week, together with the teachers, he summarizes the results, finds out the problems that have arisen in carrying out the service. Then, over three weeks, he is given additional knowledge, and he again goes for an internship at the police unit for a month, where he already independently performs simple duties. This process ends in an educational institution. This method allows the leadership of educational institutions to train two sets of police officers at the same time.

The training of the middle level of police officers, consisting of officers and inspectors, taking into account their purpose, is carried out in a differentiated manner. The training of police inspectors is carried out for 16 months at the Graduate School of Inspectors of the National Police in Cannes-Ecluse. The officers are trained for 18 months at the Graduate School of Officers in the National Police in Nice.

Every year, the educational institutions of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs graduate about 600 inspectors and 80-90 police officers. After graduation, police inspectors are considered trainees for a year. Subsequently, depending on the results of the internship, they are approved in this title. After four years of service, any officer and inspector can compete for the position of Police Commissioner.

The training of the above category is carried out at the Higher School of the National Police for two years. Theoretical training in it alternates with internships in law enforcement services. The training cycle at the Higher School of the National Police includes seven periods, during which both theoretical and practical issues of the program are consistently worked out. The training ends with the passing of exams. Graduates of police schools in France, as well as in Germany, receive departmental diplomas.

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