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The most densely populated countries

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Densely populated countries experience many downsides to the heavily covered territory of the country, such as lack of high accommodation cost, fact that resources are stretched too much to accommodate living beings in the country. On the other hand, some densely populated countries experience very tight community characteristics and highly performing economies. Overall all countries with high population density have noticed impact on life in the country, culture, and other factors.

The most populated area in the world

Other than the countries that have made the densely populated location list, the world’s most densely populated area is Macau region in China. This region has the density of a little over 21 thousand people per square kilometer and the total area of 30 kilometers is filled with more than 640 thousand people, but when it comes to countries that are the most densely populated in the world, see the paragraphs below.

Overall the areas and countries that experience high density of population are more of tourist locations that are based on a somewhat small area. Another factor is the country that is made for the reason to separate it and create a community for many reasons, for example, Vatican, Maldives and other.


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Monaco is a small country in Europe that is the second smallest country in Europe, right after the Vatican. The area is 2,2 square kilometers and is filled with more than 37 thousand people. This means that the density of population in Monaco is almost 20 thousand people per square kilometer which is very dense.

The most populated administrative area in Monaco is Monte Carlo which is a popular city around the world due to the fact that many millionaires live in the city. Monaco is not part of the European Union but it is adapted well with the border controls and overall traveling to the country.

As the country is dealing with dense living quite well, Monaco is the country that has been impacted positively to the denseness of population in it.


Singapore has the total population at almost 6 million people that spread around the country at a density of 8 thousand people per square kilometer. Singapore has grown in the last 5 years in size of the population by 1,47 percent. The estimate is that Singapore’s population will grow and in future be at 6,5 million people mark.

The life expectancy in the country is 84 years and the largest age group in Singapore is 25 to 54 year olds. Overall Singapore is a great example of a dense population but high performing economy. Country has one of the most pro-business economies in the world, but one of the most important issues due to the economy is the large and expanding income gap.


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Bahrain is a small country located on an island and is one of the most densely populated countries due to its size. Country’s size is only 765 square kilometers and the population exceeds 1,6 million people. The Bahrain population density is 2145 people per square kilometer and the capital city of Manama has over 157 thousand people living there.

Bahrain has a fast growing economy but has had unemployment rates at 3,7 to 3,9 in the last couple of years. This country has a high rich and poor ratio and many villages outside the large cities are poor and have many financial issues. This is a good example of a country that has a high population density and has the ratio of resources not covering all people living in it.


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Vatican is the world’s smallest country with the area being only 0.44 square kilometers and the density of population exceeding 1850 people per square kilometer. This country has less than a thousand people living in the small area, but has the entire country at their doorstep.

Overall the Vatican is running on the Catholic Church and the country’s borders are inside the land of Italy, therefore making it culturally an Italian country with the leading force being the Pope.

Due to the small area and the life quantity levels, the country has good living conditions and doesn’t experience any struggles in the economy.


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Republic of Maldives is a densely populated country with approximately 1770 people that are living per every square kilometer in the territory. Maldives is the smallest country in Asia as the area is only 300 square kilometers and the population is living very densely in the country.

GDP per capita in the country is rising and the main industries are tourism, fishing and agriculture. Overall the country has a very low proportion of people living in total poverty and it has been improving the quality of life quality, but still experiences health issues in the northern region and has problems with gender inequality.

The most densely populated cities in the world.

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