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Nauru citizenship; options of becoming a citizen in Nauru 

The Republic of Nauru is the globe’s tiniest island republic, located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia. Phosphorus extraction has left 80 % of land uninhabitable and barren. Phosphorous reserves were reduced in the 1980s, and the GDP of Nauru flatlined, making the country financially self-sufficient but internationally vulnerable. The country’s origins, industry, and international diplomacy intertwine with—and have influenced elements of Nauruan life.

If you want to gain Nauru nationality, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of options for becoming a country citizen.

Citizenship in Nauru

The Nauruan Declaration of 1968 and the Nauru Naturalization Bill of 2017 govern citizenship law. These rules define who is a Nauru citizen or entitled to become one. Nauruan citizenship is primarily acquired by birth in the country or through birth to Nauruan parents. Naturalization can be provided to people who have a connection to the country and have resided in the country for a specific span of years.

Options of getting citizenship of Nauru 

Children born elsewhere if one parent is a Nauruan, or children born in Nauru who might otherwise be orphaned, have birth citizenship.


Naturalization is only possible in Nauru if you have a connection with a Nauruan citizen. Requests are filed to the Government ministry or department in charge of visa management.

Candidates must show that they are of excellent moral integrity and are conversant with Nauru’s culture and rituals. If a person is applying for nationality based on the barrage, they have just been married for at least seven years. 

Following consultation with the authorities and completing any conditions, the President of Nauru may grant moral status and citizenship to anyone. The lawful partner of a Nauruan native can apply for naturalization. A juvenile kid who was lawfully adopted by at least one Nauruan caregiver, starting with the judge’s issuing of an adoption certificate, is included on the list. Additionally, persons who can verify property holding claims via genetic lineage from a Nauruan citizen may be given natural citizenship.

Required information for request

The applicants must give the following information when filing a citizen application under section 12 of the act:

  • Personal details (name, surname, date of birth, contact, email, and gender),
  • Proof of residency and unique address, 
  • Nationality of origin,
  • Passport size photos, 
  • Evidence of having the means of transport, 
  • Photocopy of birth certificate,
  • Written good reputation referrals from two persons with high status in the district where the candidate lives, 
  • Police approval from the Nauru Security Unit or any other nation where the candidate has lived for more than a brief period,
  • Proof showing at least one of the claimant’s paternal or maternal ancestors was national.

Dual nationality 

Since liberation, women who acquired foreign citizenship by marriage have been dual citizens. All Nauruans have been qualified for multiple citizenships starting 2005.

Abandoning or losing the nationalities

Citizens of Nauru who have reached the age of maturity and ability may abandon their citizenship if they have acquired another. Denaturalization may occur if an individual acquired citizenship through forgery, fake information, or secrecy; if they funded or were prosecuted for violence; if they were found guilty of sexual crimes against children; or they were granted citizenship but lived outside Nauruan land for more than three years. 

About Nauru

Here are a few facts that you must know about Nauru before you apply for its citizenship. Nauru is one of sixteen states without a military force. The primary language of the country is Nauruan. However, half of the population communicates in English. Which means you can easily reside there without learning a different language. 

Before you move there, learn the basics about the country and make sure you grasp all of the citizenship requirements. Contact the pros in Nauru to make the procedure go more smoothly.

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