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National parks of Japan

Japanese nature reserve.

Japan is a home to breathtaking nature parks that offer tourists and locals experience of Japan and its nature. In following paragraphs see the most beautiful and popular national parks in Japan.

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is a Japanese national park. This park is considered one of the most popular national parks and landscapes in Japan. Park has Mount Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes, Izu Peninsula and Izu Islands. National park covers more than 1200 square kilometers. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is spread for enjoyment all over the region with farthest points being the isle of Hachijo-jima. Park has many elements that enrich their ecosystem like natural hot springs, lakes, coastlines, mountains and more than one thousand volcanic islands in its territory. In the national park area there are many attraction points to look for other than Mount Fuji, like Shiraito Falls, Old Tokaido Road, Mount Amagi, To-shima Island, Atami hot springs, Great Boiling Valley and others. Mount Fuji is one of the most culturally used landmarks as the Japanese art, poems, theater and other forms of art enjoy using the mysterious look of Mount Fuji.

Akan Mashu National Park

In eastern Hokkaido there is a national park called Akan Mashu National Park. Park has three main attractions that are lakes. Lake Akan, Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo are usually pictured when covered by fog that makes them look mystical and magical. Lake Akan is unique for its inhabitant – rare algae that is forming green balls of algae. Lake Mashu has been called one of the clearest water lakes in the whole world. The water in Lake Mashu is clear and deep but usually it is covered by thick fog. Lake Kussharo has a lot of activities surrounding its existence in Akan Mashu National Park. There are various outdoor hot water springs that are used as outside baths to swim in and enjoy.

Nikko National Park

Nikko National Park is located in the town in Japan, Nikko. Park is famous for the shrine and mausoleum. This town has been in the center location for worship to Buddhists. Park also has beautiful scenery and landmarks such as waterfalls, lakes, mountains, wildlife animals, like monkeys and beautiful birds. There are also hiking trails in this park for explorers. One of the most known facts about this park is that the autumn in it is one of the most beautiful in Japan. A lot of travelers go to Nikko National Park to see the leaves changing colors to bright red, yellow and orange.

Shiretoko National Park

In east Hokkaido is located one of the most untouched national treasures – Shiretoko National Park. Wildlife in this park is outstanding and in year 2005 it was added to world’s heritage sites of remarkable and irreplaceable beauties in the world. This untouched and unspoiled park has the biodiversity unseen by many and everyone that sees this beauty confirms its magical landscape. One of the attractions is drift ice and Furepe Waterfall that is often visited by tourists.

Kerama Shoto National Park

Kerama Shoto National Park is located in in Okinawa Prefecture of country Japan. This is an island that seems to be isolated from the main island of Okinawa. Every season of the year holds the water clear blue and nature is unspoiled and breath-taking. There is also a traditional whale watching that is interesting to tourists as well as Japanese that enjoy the tradition. Park is enjoyed by scientists that listen and observe whales and their nature in waters of Kerama Shoto National Park.

Towada-Hachimantai National Park

Area of Towade-Hachimantai National Park has many different natural elements. It has the hot springs bursting out of the grounds and thick snow layer on top of mountains and forests. Mountains of Northern Honshu are one of the top camping places in this national park and Lake Towada is another enchanting landmark to be seen in this park. Snow is very deep and accumulates in winter and early spring. The sights in park are very beautiful and the contrasting nature is attracting many tourists.

Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park

Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park has no entrance fees as all Japans national parks. Environment and landscape in park is subtropical and evergreen. Rare animals live in this park which is adding to its features and attractions as a park. Animals such as Sakishima grass lizard and wild cats unseen in other places represent the national treasure that is Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park. Park offers activities for tourists such as canoeing, scuba diving and animal watching. Tourists enjoy and active sightseeing of the wildlife and ecosystem that gives an irreplaceable experience in this park. The traditional aspect of the area is the red-roofed houses that have been a tradition to build in the area.

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