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Main reasons why visas in Bahrain get denied

A traveler must get a visa for the country they are visiting to enter it. The same is true for anybody who wants to go to Bahrain. Most travelers get a Bahrain visa after submitting a properly completed application and a few supporting papers, but not all of them do.

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Bahrain’s rationale for refusing visas

The following are the main reasons why some travelers are denied a Bahrain visa after applying:

Incomplete application

The incomplete or incorrect completion of the visa application form is one of the most frequent causes of Bahrain visa denials. The applicant must be very cautious while entering the information to prevent this. If the applicant discovers any discrepancy in the information provided later, he or she should contact the NPRA as soon as possible, or submit a new application and pay the full visa price once again.

Threats to or violations of Bahrain’s national security and wellbeing

Threats to or violations of the security and welfare of the Kingdom of Bahrain may also be grounds for denying a visa. The application for a visa would be rejected if Bahrain thought the applicant posed a danger. To be granted a visa to Bahrain, an applicant’s criminal history must be clean.

The applicant resides inside Bahrain’s borders

Additionally, if the applicant is within the borders of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the time of application, the visa request will often be denied. If the applicant already has a Bahrain visa that is valid in their passport, their visa application will likewise be denied. Before you may apply for another visa, your current one must either have been utilized or should have expired. A passport cannot have more than one visa issued for it at once.

Expired passport

To ensure your Bahrain visa application is approved, you must only travel with a valid passport. The passport must be valid for six months after arrival in Bahrain and contain blank visa pages. The application for a visa would be rejected if the applicant lacked a passport or if the passport did not match the criteria.

Intention to return

You risk having your visa application denied if you cannot demonstrate that you have links to your homeland and plan to return on a certain date. To depart Bahrain, you must have a valid confirmed onward ticket.

Invalid reference letter

The submission of a formal letter of recommendation that has not been validated by the author is another cause of a rejected Bahrain visa application. In these situations, an official letter with an original letterhead with the address and contact information of the business or author sending it is absent. The visa may also be refused if you fail to provide a formal letter that was written and signed by the applicant and was issued no later than three months before the date of your application.

Inadequate means of support

One of the reasons the Bahraini embassy or consulate could decline to issue you a visa is the absence of adequate evidence of financial support for the length of your stay in Bahrain or your return to your home country. Examples of such situations include failing to provide financial statements that are no older than three months from the application date and failing to include sufficient cash in the financial statements that were provided. You must be able to support yourself throughout the visit, as well as any dependents you may have.

Immunization record for yellow fever

If you are coming from a country with a high risk of yellow fever, you must provide a certificate of vaccination. Your visa application risk being turned down if you fail to give this.

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