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Living in Slovenia – Expat life

Slovenia is a hidden treasure in Europe that is vastly underrated by expats, yet this stunning nation of mountainous landscapes and coasts has many things going for it, including high earnings, a thriving service industry, and several opportunities geared toward foreigners. With only 2 million people, it does not have crowded, concrete-filled cities, but rather green urban areas where you may enjoy the advantages of a large metropolis and the coziness of a small town.

The national language of the country, which has a population of 2.1 million, is Slovenian. Euro (€) is the currency, and Ljubljana is the nation’s capital. A country in the Balkans with spectacular mountains, a stunning, rocky coastline, and a continental climate with influences from the Mediterranean.

For foreigners, Slovenia offers several amazing options. You can discover the following advice if you want to start a life in Slovenia: relocating to Slovenia. Slovenia is a lovely country where you can provide yourself and your family with a bright future. 

Why do people choose to live in Slovenia

First of all, it is among the safest nations in the world. Consequently, the environment for living is good. Slovenians have a high standard of living and a low crime rate.

It is also in a favorable geostrategic position. It is situated at the intersection of important commercial and cultural routes throughout Europe. Because of this, Slovenia’s location offers a tactical benefit. All of the nearby nations — Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary — are accessible by car approximately an hour from the capital, Ljubljana.

Nearly everything may be found in Slovenia, including mountains, lakes, caverns, wild rivers, immaculately kept cities, castles, and even the sea. If you appreciate the outdoors and clean air, Slovenia is the place for you.

One of the smallest cities in Europe, Ljubljana is unquestionably one of the most attractive thanks to its abundance of structures in the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles.

The country also offers mouthwatering cuisine and top-notch wine and beer. There is a wide variety and diversity in Slovenian cuisine. Every market has local farmers that can supply you with fresh local ingredients. Select a Slovenian lifestyle!

Slovenian life – health care and education

Everyone who is a registered citizen or long-term resident has access to healthcare. The medical team is skilled. Slovenia also offers private medical care. The legislation guarantees equal access to healthcare for all citizens.

Children without citizenship and all other minor foreign residents of Slovenia are required to attend free basic education. You can arrange a family life in Slovenia by bringing your kids there!

Language and life 

The majority of outsiders find Slovenian to be difficult and unintelligible, but the country’s citizens are fluent in many other languages. Because of this, beginning your life in the country and acclimating quickly will be simple for you. English is commonly spoken, along with German in the east and Italian in the west of the country. Russian, French, Spanish, and all Slovenes can communicate in Croatian, Serbian, or Bosnian are some of the additional languages spoken by younger generations.

Slovenia is an attractive country for doing business

Foreign nationals are permitted to establish or relocate their businesses to the country. The employees of the company have the right to a single work and residence permit in the country when the business is registered there. Once you have the status, you can bring your family back together there.

Slovenia is a desirable location for conducting business because it is a member of the EU and is situated inside the Schengen area. As a result, conducting business in Slovenia is simpler and quicker. Slovenia uses the Euro as its official currency, as does the entire Eurozone.

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