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Living in Comoros – expat life

Being an expat in the Comoros offers a special combination of cultural experiences, breathtaking natural scenery, and some difficulties. The tiny island country of Comoros, which is part of the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, pleasant weather, and extensive cultural history. This essay will offer perspectives on living abroad in the Comoros, covering important facets of daily life, cultural experiences, and useful considerations. Because of its underdevelopment, the country’s amenities and infrastructure may not always meet the standards of expats. The nation of Comoros has a rich culture and history to offer, though its citizens are typically very hospitable to visitors.

Flag of Comoros

Island life and the beauty of nature

Due to its abundant cultivation of fragrant plants, Comoros is frequently referred to as the “Perfume Islands”. Expatriates relish a lush and captivating tropical environment, graced with volcanic peaks, sandy shores, and coral reefs. Comoros is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a plethora of outdoor pursuits, from exhilarating treks to underwater adventures like snorkeling, alongside abundant water sports opportunities.

Diversity of culture

The Comoros have a distinctive culture that combines French, Arab, and African elements. The main tongues used are Comorian, French, and Arabic. The great cultural diversity of this nation offers expats the chance to get to know local customs, music, dance, and food. The culture of the island is distinguished by its strong sense of belonging and cordial friendliness.

Visa and residence 

It might be difficult to navigate the bureaucracy to obtain the visas and permits required to live in the Comoros. For residency, expatriates frequently require a work permit or a long-term visa. To ensure compliance with immigration laws, it is imperative to check with the Comorian administration and obtain legal counsel.


French, Arabic, and Comorian are Comoros’ three official languages. Comorians are primarily Comorians, but many are also fluent in Arabic and French. It is a good idea to brush up on some simple Comorian words before you travel if you do not speak any of these languages.


The majority – Muslim nation of the Comoros has a very distinct culture from many Western nations. It’s crucial to respect regional traditions and culture. Women, for instance, ought to dress modestly and refrain from donning provocative attire.

Cost of living 

Compared to other affluent nations, the Comoros offers a notably economical cost of living. However, it’s important to note that this comes hand in hand with lower average salaries in the country.


The Comoros’ healthcare infrastructure lags behind more developed nations. In cases of severe medical emergencies, comprehensive health insurance and preparedness for international evacuation are imperative.


The educational framework in this country may not measure up to international benchmarks. For expats with children, enrolling them in an international school can offer a more well-rounded educational journey.

Security and safety 

With a low crime rate, Comoros is generally seen as being safe. For personal safety, it’s crucial to respect cultural customs and keep up with local conditions. 

Local markets 

The markets are alive and brimming with fresh food, spices, clothes, and handmade goods. Discovering these markets is a great opportunity to get a feel for the area and help out local companies.

Cultural events

Comoros hosts a medley of cultural extravaganzas, from lively music festivals to captivating traditional dance showcases and inspiring art exhibitions. Engaging in these events can lead to an enriching and vibrant cultural immersion.

Sustainable initiatives

Comoros actively promotes sustainability and green projects, which can present chances for expats interested in environmentally responsible behaviors and conservation efforts.

Challenges and charms

Living in the Comoros presents its own set of difficulties, just like in any other place for expats. Some changes could be necessary due to the inadequate infrastructure, periodic power outages, and lack of contemporary conveniences. Expatriates should be concerned about political upheaval and sporadic civil disturbances. Despite these difficulties, Comoros’ allure cannot be denied. A special expat experience is created by the area’s mesmerizing natural beauty, cultural diversity, and friendliness of its inhabitants. Community, connection, and a slower pace of life are prioritized there.

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