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Life in London. Pros and cons of immigration to the UK.

Great Britain is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Despite the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, which formally took place at midnight from January 31 to February 1, 2020, the Kingdom’s economy remains one of the largest in the world, the local currency is quite stable and the British feel confident about the future. Moreover, the flow of labor migrants, foreign entrepreneurs, and simply foreigners planning to live in British territory is only growing.

The population of Great Britain is over 67 million people. Moreover, more than 85% live within England. The capital London has about 8.7 million inhabitants, making it the largest city in the European Union. 

It is not surprising that an English visa opens up several advantages and opportunities for immigrants. What are the privileges of permanent residence in this country?

Standard of living

According to the ratings, the UK ranks 15th in the world in terms of the quality of life of the population. This indicates a developed transport system, a low crime rate, and social protection. Perhaps that is why tourists who visited the country on an English visa note how cheerful and friendly the locals are.

High salaries

Regardless of the structure in which an Englishman works, his salary will be significantly higher than that of many other Europeans. Doctors, brokers, company executives, and lawyers earn the most. Each workplace is a guarantee of a high standard of living and social benefits. Getting a job is difficult, however – every employer will take a close look at your previous work experience. That is why, before obtaining a visa to England, you need to take care of a good resume.

Environment and infrastructure

All old-world cities have a large number of parks. The abundance of trees and constant winds create a very welcoming atmosphere. Even in the center of London, you want to breathe deeply. Long walks are also favored by clean and tidy streets, many playgrounds, and squares.

Cons of living in England

However, there are drawbacks everywhere. If you are planning to obtain a fiance visa, student, or work visa to the UK, you should be prepared for all aspects of residence in the country.


Those who have applied for a visa and are planning to move to the UK for a long time should prepare for the famous English fog and rain. Not everyone will enjoy watching a cloudy sky for six months!

High prices

Anyone who has visited England on a tourist visa might have noticed how high prices are in the country. Accommodation, public transport, food, utilities will cost you several times more than in neighboring states. So, on a trip to the subway will have to spend from 5.50 to 1.50 pounds, depending. 

Very expensive higher education. For example, in some medical specialties, the cost of training exceeds 40 thousand pounds per year.

from time of day.

Language barriers

Of course, English is ubiquitous today. But even regular trips to Britain on a tourist visa will not provide the knowledge that the locals possess. If you are considering moving to England, you should be prepared for the difficult acclimatization process. You have to start life from scratch: Make new friends, look for work and comprehend the culture of this beautiful country in practice.

Life in every corner of the planet has its pros and cons. When applying for a visa to the UK, you must clearly understand that you will have to cope with the difficulties of the first years of life in a new place.

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