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Work in Czechia for expats

Flag of Czechia

That is why many foreigners are looking for work there. To find a job in Czechia as an expat, you need to consider a number of nuances.

The highest wages in this country are in the banking sector, as well as in insurance companies. The lowest income is in the spheres of culture, art and social sphere. 

ICzechia any foreigner can work for any individual or legal entity, or can be independently engaged in entrepreneurial activity. This state does not require a work permit from the following categories of foreign citizens: 

  • people with a residence permit; 
  • persons who have refugee status; 
  • EEA and EU citizens and members of their family.

Job search

Finding a job in the Czech Republic for an expat is not difficult. It is enough to visit several sites with vacancies and you understand what you can do in this country, how it will be paid. 

As for simple vacancies in Czechia, then the roles are distributed as follows – Czech employers place most vacancies in the following professions: 

  • cook, waiter and kitchen worker; 
  • Technical Specialist; 
  • sales representative (quite often this vacancy implies part-time work, which is very common there); 
  • freight transport driver; 
  • demonstrators, consultants and salespeople; 
  • equipment operators and adjusters. These jobs are not highly paid – for example, a waiter will receive about 10,000 kroons, while a doctor’s work is paid several times better – more than 40,000 kroons. It is very profitable to work as a doctor in the Czech Republic. The fact is that medicine in the country is experiencing a long-term shortage of personnel – even after the crisis in 2013, its own specialists left for neighboring countries, and now there is a shortage of stuff.

One of the ways to find a job in the Czech Republic is to search the Internet. This is the most efficient way.

There are a lot of job portals, and each applicant can look for reviews about companies, get acquainted with the specifics of work.

Websites for finding a job in Czechia

A large number of vacancies are presented on the portal of the Czech employment service A search engine filter can help filter out inappropriate job offers. Recruitment agencies are also popular. The only thing to take into account is the reputation of the chosen company. 

Specifics of work in the Czech Republic

According to the new regulation on migrants, it is possible to obtain not a national long-term Czech visa, but simply a labor card. However, many people who come to work do not do this. It is forbidden to find a job in Czechia without permission, so they commit fraud – instead of themselves they legally register a Czech and pay for their troubles.

It is not so difficult to obtain a labor card – you can do it yourself, or you can use the help of intermediaries. It is better to answer those vacancies that really fit the requirements of the applicant. Otherwise, it can negatively affect your labor card and history. You should not engage in unskilled labor. In order to improve your knowledge of the Czech language, you need to take care of working in Czechia with the local population.

When trying to find a job in the Czech Republic, it is practiced to send cover letters – in it you can briefly talk about kind of motivation that makes you look for a job, and what additional skills you have.

Nostrification of a diploma

black academic hat on yellow textile

Nostrification of a diploma is required in order to confirm the equivalence of the acquired knowledge and their correspondence to the knowledge acquired in the Czechia. Without this procedure, the diploma may be invalidated, which means that highly qualified work will have to be forgotten

Nostrification gives the following advantages: 

  • you can continue to get education; 
  • there is an opportunity to increase qualification; 
  • closely related professional retraining can be offered by the labor exchange.

Documentation of employment

The labor card of Czechia is provided after the applicant has submitted the following documents: 

  • application form, in which you must indicate a description of the vacancy; 
  • passport – (its validity must be three months longer than the term of the labor card); 
  • photos;
  • housing agreement; 
  • certificate of education. 

All above-mentioned documents must be with translation into Czech.

After a positive decision is made at the embassy, the applicant is issued a work visa to the Czech Republic. This visa allows you to stay in the country, it is needed for registration of labor activity. Before you can get it, you will need to buy a health insurance policy – travel insurance is used from the moment a person entered the country until his right to Czech health insurance comes into effect. This visa enables the arriving to the country, and within three days you should visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There the applicant can submit biometric data in the department. Then the registration at the place of residence is required, and only after that you will be issued a labor card.

The most demanded specialties and salary

There are positions in the Czech Republic which are suitable for both sexes. The job is the same, and the salary doesn’t differ too much.

The most in demand for men are workers, engineering specialties and in the field of IT development. Almost all specialties for women are concentrated around the tourism sector. For example, a large number of women are in demand as maids and waitresses.

The national currency of the Czech Republic is the crown (1 euro is equal to 25 crowns). 

Minimum wage in Czechia: 

  • per hour – 73.2 kroons (2.9 euros). 
  • Per month – 12,200 kroons (488 euros).

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