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Scholarship program in Indonesia


To date, the number of countries participating in this program is more than 185 countries, and it is organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (IOC) of the Republic of Indonesia. The foremost purpose of the DARMASISWA RI program is to encourage and enhance engagement in the language, art, and culture of Indonesia amongst newborn people in other nations. It was also designed to strengthen cultural ties and mutual understanding between the participating countries.

Darmasiswa is a non-degree program in Indonesian language, arts, music, craft, and other selected subjects in 59 designated educational institutions in different cities in Indonesia. This program aims to strengthen mutual understanding and cultural ties among different countries.

The Darmasiswa program truly promotes Indonesian culture. Even for those who choose to focus on the language, there are many opportunities to take part in additional classes such as batik and dance. Host universities often organize seminars and trips to neighboring areas. Some students here in Yogyakarta were fortunate enough to be invited to the international gamelan ensemble. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you can get the chance to perform at the ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples of Prambanan and Borobudur.

Darmasiswa’s experience varies greatly depending on the city, the host university, and the program chosen. It can be challenging to make this choice without any link, so we recommend googling a little first.

Conditions for participation in the program

– education not lower than secondary;

– not older than 35 years old;

– the candidate must not be married;

– proficiency in English and, additionally, Indonesian (availability of any certificate of knowledge of English: TOEFL / IELTS / TOEIC, etc.);

– satisfactory state of health;

– basic knowledge in the field of the studied specialty

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Required documents (with unofficial English translation)

– summary;

– medical certificate;

– passport valid for at least 18 months from the date of stay in Indonesia (expected arrival: August 1, 2017);

– letter of recommendation from the university on letterhead with a stamp in English;

– valid transcript and certificate (s) in English (if any);

– a certificate confirming knowledge of the language (if any);

– a motivation letter in English or Indonesian, no more than 500 words.

Flight and medical insurance at the expense of the student’s funds.

Payment of scholarships

Participants of the program are provided with a monthly scholarship in the amount of 2.450.000-2.850.000 rupees. Scholarships are awarded for the academic semester and academic year. The decision to receive a scholarship is considered by the Indonesian Foreign Ministry in March.

Applicants can choose residency for one year or six months. The scholarship provides a monthly stipend to cover housing costs, book allowances, local transportation, medical care, and incidentals.

Prospective students need to familiarize themselves with the attached information about the Indonesian scholarship program, as well as register and send documents to the official website “Darmasiswa” (

The main objective of the DARMASISWA scholarship program is to popularize the study of the Bahasa Indonesia language, national arts, music, and crafts. This year it was awarded to 200 students from 50 countries of the world. The recipients of the scholarship can study at any of the 45 universities in Indonesia.

Government of Indonesia Darmasiswa Scholarship Program benefits

  • Darmasiswa members are eligible to study at selected higher education institutions that meet the teaching standards set by the Ministry.
  • Darmasiswa members are eligible for academic and non-academic services during the program.
  • Darmasiswa members receive protection for their safety on campus and/or participate in programs sponsored by higher education institutions.
  • Darmasiswa members can take part in events organized by universities or other institutions with the permission of the manager of the higher education institution.
  • Darmasiswa members receive a scholarship in the form of living expenses and assistance with accommodation in the following amount:
  • The monthly living allowance is Rs 2,000,000 (two million rupees).
  • Boarding house in the amount of 950,000 (nine hundred fifty thousand rupees) for region 1 and 550,000 (five hundred fifty thousand rupees) for region 2.
  • Members get health insurance services through BNI Life providers and BNI Life cards, which are issued to members during introduction upon entry.
  • Darmasiswa participants are provided with accommodation and transportation during program orientation if participants arrive according to the arrival schedule set by the Bureau. If Darmasiswa members are present outside of the specified schedule, the costs will be borne by each member.
  • Darmasiswa members will receive a settlement allowance of Rs 1,000,000.00 (one million rupees).
  • Darmasiswa members can be supported by the Office of Higher Education and the PKLN Bureau of the Ministry of Education and Culture in preparing settlement documents.
  • Governing universities help Darmasiswa members find housing.

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