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France: test for obtain citizenship

There are also many for whom a strong economy is a decisive factor.

French citizenship: Basic information

Unlike most states, the French do not have a separate citizenship law. A separate chapter in the Civil Code is devoted to its acquisition. It is amended every few years by separate legislative acts.

In addition to the mandatory period of residence in France, immigrants must fulfill several conditions. Potential new citizens are required to pass an examination in the values ​​of the Republic and the French language. In addition, they must not be convicted, must have a permanent place of residence and sufficient income.

Collection and submission of documents

If a foreigner is sure that he meets the requirements for granting citizenship, he must submit to the prefecture of his place of residence in France:

  • application form (declaration);
  • national passport (with translation) and international passport;
  • confirmation of legal stay in France;
  • police clearance certificate and from the country of origin;
  • the results of the medical examination;
  • certificate of absence of tax arrears;
  • bank statement, confirmation of sufficient material security;
  • confirmation of passing the exam in French and the values ​​of the Republic (those who have graduated from high school in France or trained at a university in French are exempted);
  • explanation of the attitude to previous citizenship (intention to refuse or leave).

In addition to the standard list of documents, a marriage certificate, a certificate of service in a foreign legion, and other documents are additionally provided. You also need to pay 55 euros for duty.

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After signing the Treaty of Republican Integration (CIR), the foreigner must complete a two-day course in social studies. It will tell about the values ​​of the republic and give recommendations on employment.

Also, foreigners in France are required to pass a language test (written and oral). If the level of knowledge is below A1, courses in French will be appointed (from 50 to 200 hours).

The French citizenship test consists of 2 blocks. Questions about the history and culture of France (the so-called test for the values ​​of the republic) are simple. All French schoolchildren know the answers to them. To pass the test, it is enough to correctly answer 60% of the questions.


  • Application forms for obtaining an immigration visa and a residence permit (residence permit);
  • Photos (3.5 x 4.5 on a white background);
  • Foreign passport (passport must be valid for at least 1 more year);
  • Internal passport;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Education documents (diploma);
  • Medical insurance issued by a company accredited in France;
  • Certificate from the bank on the availability of sufficient funds in the account to live in France;
  • Documents confirming labor or business activities (certificate of employment, company constituent documents);
  • Certificate of ownership (house, apartment, commercial property);
  • School grade sheet (for children under 16);
  • Registration at an educational institution in France (for students);
  • Vaccination book (for children under 16);
  • Lease (purchase) agreement for real estate in France, electricity, and gas bills (;
  • Motivation letter;
  • A written commitment not to work in France;
  • Power of attorney for the right to represent the applicant in the official authorities of France.


To obtain a residence permit (residence permit) in France, a financially independent applicant (long-stay visa “guest”), according to the current immigration law, must:

  • Provide documentary evidence of sufficient financial means to live in France;
  • Rent or purchase property in France;
  • Commit not to work in France.

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