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Immigration to Argentina for Rentier

The Rentier program is one of the easiest ways to instantly legalize, as well as obtain permanent residence or Argentine citizenship for the second year of residence in the country. You need to declare to the local authorities that you have a permanent income abroad at the level of 500 USD per month.

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Pros of immigration to Argentina

  • In Argentina, your every move is not monitored by cameras, police, and tax authorities.
  • You don’t need to take difficult English tests for an IELTS certificate or meet immigration procedures in developed countries.
  • Argentina is the most stable country in Latin America in several areas, in particular, Argentina is now in first place in Latin America statistically in terms of economic and political stability. Those who want to live in the Latin American country with the lowest crime rate

Obtaining a residence permit in Argentina in the category “Rentier”

Applicants for a residence permit in the “Rentier” category must provide the migration service with confirmation of their income abroad for over 30 thousand pesos (2020). You can see this requirement on the website of the migration service.

How to prove income for the “Rentier” residence permit in Argentina?

As proof of income for the “Rentier” category, applicants for a residence permit in Argentina must provide any document that speaks of regular, non-employment-related monthly income. These documents may include:

  • an agreement on the lease of property;
  • the contract for the sale of real estate by installments;
  • a loan agreement indicating the amount that the borrower returns to you every month under such an agreement (there are cases of refusal for this confirmation form, starting from November 2018);
  • any other documents that confirm a permanent regular passive income.

In addition to the document confirming income, you also need to acquire a document confirming the legal origin of this money. For example, a copy of a will or a donation agreement from a relative.

If you are applying for a “Rentier” residence permit in Argentina based on a loan agreement, you will need to show where you got the funds from to issue this loan.

How to extend the “Rentier” residence permit in Argentina?

You need to renew the Rentier status in Argentina once a year. To do this, you must bring to the migration service all the same documents as for the first time, while the basis for the extension may change.

Another document that needs to be attached to the general set is a certificate from the bank stating that more than 360 thousand pesos were credited to your account during the year. You can deposit money into a bank account through the ATMs of your bank, and it is not at all necessary to spend them here.

Permanent residence in the category “Rentier” in Argentina

You can obtain permanent residence in the “Rentier” category in Argentina generally after extending your temporary resident status permanently for three years. But the most important thing is that after two years of living in Argentina in the status of Rentier, you can go to court and apply for Argentine citizenship.

In any case, the citizenship case will be considered for a long time, so while it is in the process you will have to extend the residence permit and even with some probability apply for permanent residence, so that during the consideration of the case you will not be left without the resident status required, following the prevailing judicial practice to obtain citizenship.

Argentine Citizenship for Rentier Residents

Individuals who have stayed in Argentina for two years, whether temporarily or permanently, are eligible to become citizens of Argentina. For citizenship in Argentina, you need to go to court.

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