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PHD holders immigration to USA

These are persons with the highest achievements in the profession, who have received worldwide recognition, even in narrow circles of specialists. These are those who, through their work, talent, many years of education, self-education, and practice, have reached heights in the level of knowledge and professionalism that are inaccessible to most people. Such professionals in their field have already proven that they can be useful to American society and the US economy. But on what grounds can one obtain immigrant status? And how can you formally determine whether you have reached the required level or not?

Benefits of immigration for people with a high level of education and work experience

Any professional or person with unique abilities is, at its core, a valuable workforce that can contribute to the development of the American economy. That is why we are talking about labor migration. But since the value can already be determined and proven by experience, the American migration authorities suggest that such people immediately obtain permission to permanently reside in the United States without restrictions. That is, an immigration work visa can be requested, which allows you to obtain a Green Card, and after 5 years of residence in the country, citizenship.

And although the process of obtaining an immigration work visa will presumably take more than one year, it is a guarantee of acquiring the right to live in a country where a person who develops his abilities has the opportunity not only to grow professionally but also to receive a decent reward for it. Another undoubted advantage is that family members of a valuable specialist (spouse, unmarried children under 21) can also apply for immigrant status. The waiting time for a visa after applying is on average 8-9 months.


It is also an essential fact that, for example, applicants for an EB-1A visa can independently initiate the process, without the support of the American inviting party, which is important for people of free professions. On the other hand, the presence of a specific employer in all other cases is a guarantee of constant income from the moment you arrive on American soil. Indeed, most often the resettlement of a valuable, in-demand specialist to America is due precisely to the desire to receive income from his professional activity, higher than at home. 

Also, an immigrant work visa allows multiple travels to and from the United States.

According to statistics from the US Migration Service, out of 140 thousand annually issued work immigrant visas, those who apply for an EB-1 and EB-2 visa have priority (the degree of priority is determined by the number after the letter index), respectively, the waiting time for a visa is much shorter than in other categories …


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EB-1 Visa for Priority Professionals

The highest priority category of immigration work visas. If you understand that you have exceptional achievements in science (teaching or research), art, education, business, and sports, you can apply for an EB-1A or EB-1B visa. In this case, an offer from a specific employer may not be required, but it is necessary to provide strong evidence of your high achievements in the profession.

  • EB-2 visa for specialists with a high level of education and work experience

If you do not have extra abilities and your experience has not yet received world recognition, but the degree of knowledge, skills, and expert competencies is much higher than the average accepted in your profession, you can be classified in the second category and apply for an EB-2 visa. In this case, it is imperative to invite an employer who needs exactly your competencies and work experience. In addition, you will have to go through the labor certification procedure. The Department of Labor must ensure that your qualifications are at the level claimed. You may also need to confirm that your level of education corresponds to the American equivalent, that is, the diploma will have to be confirmed by comparing the subjects studied with American counterparts.

  • ЕВ-2А for professionals with a master’s degree or higher.

An important feature of this category is that the proposed vacancy puts forward a requirement for the candidate for the position to have a degree above a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (bachelor’s degree + at least 5 years of intensive work experience in the field). And this must be agreed with the Department of Labor. The employer will have to convince the authorities that it is impossible to find the right specialist in the American labor market.

  • EB-2B for people with above-average qualifications in science, art, business, and sports.

If you are engaged in these areas, you have not yet won worldwide recognition, but you understand that your achievements, experience, and knowledge in the profession are much higher than those that your colleagues have, you can apply for this type of permission to relocate to one of your favorite states.

It is necessary to demonstrate evidence of exceptional achievement in science, art, or business. Exclusivity means that the degree of expertise in the field is significantly higher than the generally accepted average level.

The above visas can be requested from both overseas and within the United States. That is, you can already be in the United States on a temporary work permit and make efforts to achieve the opportunity to obtain one of the listed visas.

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