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Immigration as an engineer: best countries

  • Germany possesses high technologies, the country constantly implements technological projects designed to improve the lives of ordinary people. Therefore, you can get a job as an engineer with work experience without any problems. There is only a gradation in wages. For example, young professionals can receive about 4 thousand euros per month, and qualified employees who have worked in the chosen field will receive about 5400 euros;
  • The United States of America constantly invites engineers to work in large corporations, organizations, and companies. The level of salary depends on education, qualifications, knowledge of the language, and will amount to several thousand dollars;
  • The United Arab Emirates needs both experienced engineers and those with short work experience. Major vacancies exist in oil rigs. Working on projects in the UAE will help you quickly hone your skills and gain the necessary international experience;
  • Slovenia and Croatia are actively developing technology industries, so they invite specialists from all over the world. The disadvantage is that the level of wages here is somewhat lower than in Germany or the Scandinavian countries.

Engineering vacancies

Abroad, an engineer is understood as a specialist who has a high level of knowledge in the field of organization of production, computer technology, economics, modern technology, engineering. Such an employee can solve problems and tasks of production by various methods and ways, choosing the optimal and effective one.

If earlier specialists-engineers were trained only in technical areas, now the specifics have changed somewhat. Engineers are needed not only in factories and construction sites but also in other places.

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Requirements for applicants

People who meet the following requirements can get a job abroad:

  • High level of knowledge;
  • Availability of practical skills that can be quickly applied in the implementation of a specific project;
  • Knowledge of one or more foreign languages;
  • Ability to use computer technologies, developments, and programs of a new generation. In particular, know programs such as CAM, AutoCad, SchueCad, SchueCal, Wictop, RevnaPro, Athena;
  • Specialists in narrow engineering and technical fields are highly valued;
  • Work experience is two years or more. This is what determines the formation of wages and the demand for a specialist;
  • Processing of statistical materials, work with calculations;
  • Be able to build graphs and models; It will be useful to have a doctorate or a second technical education.

Foreigners in different countries can apply for jobs such as:

  • Civil Engineer;
  • Design Engineer;
  • Mining engineer;
  • Designer;
  • Electrical Engineer;
  • System Engineers;
  • Mechanical Engineers;
  • Electromechanics;
  • Specialists in mechanical engineering;
  • Road construction engineers.

Working conditions

In each specific case, the employer will specify the specialization and skills separately, but in general, abroad there are practically the same conditions in contracts for engineers. In particular, the working day is full and lasts 7-8 hours. The working week is 5-6 days, which is prescribed in advance in the contract based on the results of the interview. Engineers in different fields should do the following:

  • Carry out calculations;
  • Develop project documentation;
  • Create engineering models using various computer programs and statistics;
  • Manage the technological process;
  • Produce project drawings;
  • Communicate with architects, designers, computer scientists;
  • Be present at the facilities;
  • Understand technological materials, finding the highest quality ones;
  • Prepare drawings of various designs;
  • Take full responsibility for the project, go to meetings.
  • The employer provides a contract that is valid for at least one year. Helps in the design of an invitation, visa, housing search, provides a social package.

Usually, the employer offers comfortable apartments, social and psychological adaptation, and timely wages.

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