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How to travel to Egypt from Israel?

Tourism in Egypt has changed significantly over the past 5 years, and even more so over 15 years. Due to the difficult political situation, demand for the once-popular tourist routes has dropped significantly. Only fans of non-standard tourism are interested in them.

For those who are not timid, a short trip from comfortable Israel to its southern neighbor will show a completely different side in the Middle East. The pyramids at Giza, the open-air museum in Luxor, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs on the Red Sea are just the most famous places in Egypt of great interest.

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How to get to Egypt

  • Flights by plane

At the moment, there is no direct air link between Israel and Egypt. But from Jordan, flights from Amman regularly fly to major cities in Egypt.

  • Tours to Egypt from Israel

It is easy to find a travel agency in Israel that works with Egypt, but it is advisable to check right away what their policy is in case the tour is canceled for security reasons.

  • By sea

There is no ferry service between Israel and Sinai. But there is a direct ferry from Jordan between Aqaba and Nuweiba. However, be prepared for the fact that the price may surprise you unpleasantly.

  • By overland

The easiest way to get to Egypt from Israel is by overland crossing the Taba south of Eilat. However, in late autumn they will only reach the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. The exit fee from Israel costs 100 shekels (plus 5 shekels), and the price to enter Sinai is 75 Egyptian pounds.

If you do not leave the Sinai Peninsula, you will be given a 2-week visa right at the border. It will give the right of way to Sharm el-Sheikh in the south. If you want to get to the Ras Mohamed National Park or the mainland of Egypt, you need to obtain a visa in advance at the Egyptian consulate in Tel Aviv or Eilat. Application processing takes about a day.

  • By bus

The border crossing is located 10 km south of the center of Eilat, the southernmost Israeli city. You can take the Egged bus from any major city in Israel towards Eilat. From Jerusalem, the Egged bus No. 444 goes to Eilat (78 shekels). It is more profitable to buy a ticket online – save 15% – when traveling on Thursday, Friday, or the eve of the holidays.

From Eilat, you can take the Egged bus (route number 15, 5 shekels) or taxi for 50 shekels (or cheaper).

While there are usually queues at checkpoints in Israel, Taba is a rare exception. The modern terminal is equipped with air conditioning, toilets, and a duty-free shop.

Egypt travel

  • Public transport

Even though public transport in Egypt is inexpensive, it is hard to find on the Internet its working schedule in the Sinai Peninsula, and what hangs at bus stops often does not correspond to reality.

If you want to know the bus schedule in Sinai, the timetables for Nuweiba, Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab will help you. If you wish, you can also use the Bedouin bus.

Bus service between Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo is very intensive all day until late at night. There are trains on the mainland of Egypt, but it is advisable to check their timetable in advance.

Due to the tense security situation in Sinai, tourists are prohibited from taking bus trips to Cairo, and even by private vehicles, this section of the route can be unpredictably difficult. But there is an alternative route through Sharm el-sheik, which takes 12 hours and costs 120 Egyptian pounds.

  • Taxi

A shared taxi (up to 10 passengers) is a popular way of getting around. If the five of you are traveling, the price for each will be £ 50-65, slightly more expensive to Sharm el-sheik, and a little cheaper if you bargain. If you take a taxi yourself, then get ready for fierce price negotiations.

Taxis to Cairo can cost up to £ 500. But if you manage to find a taxi at the bus station that already has passengers, you can save (80-100 pounds).

Tip: cross into Egyptian territory before leaving the bus. You can “blackmail” the taxi driver by taking the bus. Also, note that Israel and Egypt have different time zones.

Organized groups depart from Sharm El Sheikh on tours of mainland Egypt, including excursions to Cairo, the pyramids, and Luxor.

Taxi drivers can be hired to travel wherever you want without having to follow a well-defined route. The price, as always, depends on the negotiation skills. Most hotels and hostels will prompt you for good taxi drivers.

  • Renting a car

In Egypt, it is easy to rent a car, and gasoline is cheap. But the driving conditions are different. Traffic signs are rare, traffic in cities is chaotic, and local drivers often ignore traffic rules.

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