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Travel tips: notes on first time

Therefore, we have prepared some tips and advice for those traveling abroad for the first time.

Where to go?

If you prefer a beach holiday, it makes sense to pay attention to countries such as Bulgaria, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco, or choose more expensive options – UAE, Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

If you are going to travel with children, you have to ask the tour operator about hotels with developed children’s infrastructure (food, playgrounds, swimming pools, etc.). Married couples most often choose quiet resorts, while young people prefer fun places with an abundance of discos, restaurants, and clubs.

Fans of excursions will surely enjoy the opportunity to travel around Europe by bus – this option is considered the most budgetary. In just a week, you can see several countries, walk the streets of Paris, Amsterdam and Hamburg, and see the castles of France or Scotland. Any travel agency will offer you a variety of interesting excursion programs to choose from. Before you buy a tour, think about whether you can spend long hours in a bus seat or not.

If you want to combine a beach vacation with an excursion, combined tours are suitable for you – this way you can lie down on the beach and visit interesting places in the chosen country. Many exciting excursions await you in Greece, Egypt, Spain, Malta, Montenegro, or Croatia.

Sea and river cruises will be of interest to tourists who have money for it and want to spend their holidays on board a comfortable motor ship, from time to time going down the ladder to the coast of hospitable countries for sightseeing excursions. Wealthy people like to travel in the Mediterranean Sea or around the picturesque shores of Scandinavia. An equally interesting option is to cruise along the Volga, Dnieper, Danube, and other European rivers.

You can also go on an exotic vacation in Nepal, India, Bali, or the Caribbean islands. Another good option is to relax at SPA resorts, where you can combine business with pleasure. Massages, wraps, mud baths, and other SPA procedures will help restore your health and strength.

Finally, there are trekking tours for extreme lovers. Horseback riding or hiking on mountains, kayaking along rough rivers, scuba diving in Egypt, or paragliding in Turkey – all these services are provided by modern travel agencies.

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How to behave abroad?

The main rule is to comply with the laws and customs of the country where you are going on vacation. In the UAE and many other countries, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in public places, and women are better off wearing shorts, miniskirts, and crop tops. Similar features are inherent in other countries, so find out their traditions and legislation in advance.

Going for a walk, shopping, or on an excursion, it is better not to take documents and a large amount of cash with you. It is recommended to leave all this in the hotel, and it is enough to put a photocopy of your passport and a small amount of money in your bag. 

Resting in Egypt and other eastern countries, be careful with taking pictures. Here you can not only pay a fine but also go to jail for filming, for example, some government buildings or military objects.

In any country, you need to respect the local population, their way of life, beliefs, and principles, and not offend national symbols.

What to take with you?

Try not to pack a lot of things with you. Firstly, you will not wear half of them, and secondly, in most countries, it is customary to dress simply and inconspicuously.

The main thing that you should have with you is a change of linen, T-shirts, shorts, and trousers, a pair of comfortable sundresses and one or two full dresses for visiting a fashionable restaurant. In case of a cold snap, you can grab jeans and a light sweater.

Do not forget about the headdress, in the summer you cannot do without it. It is best to pick it up in advance. It should be light and comfortable – a hat with a wide brim, a baseball cap, or a Panama hat.

Be sure to complete a travel first-aid kit: your usual medicines may not be available abroad, or they may be sold strictly according to prescriptions. Take pills for headaches and indigestion. Add to this set those medications that you take all the time. 

Take a beach towel and a small blanket with you. Of course, you can buy these on the spot, but such little things near the beach are quite expensive. Stock up on the sun and after-sun creams and lotions, protective lip balm, and other cosmetics needed in a hot country.

One more tip: keep cash in different places. In general, experienced tourists recommend taking a plastic card with you. 

In conclusion, the most important thing that you should take is a good mood and smile!

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