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Residence permit in Argentina – investor visa

Argentina is located in the southeastern part of the mainland of South America. The diversity of the nature of this country fascinates at first sight. Foreigners are treated here well, friendly since most of the population of Argentina is made up of immigrants. That is why from the very first days of your stay here you will feel like your own, and not a temporary guest. And this is the first of many reasons why Argentina should be chosen for emigration. One of the easiest ways to obtain Argentine citizenship is to invest in the country’s economy.

Flag of Argentina

Following Argentine law, an investor visa (Inversionista) can be issued to a foreign citizen who intends to invest at least 1,500,000 ARS (= 13781 EUR at the exchange rate for March 2021) in any business related to production, commercial, or service activities in Argentina.

How to get an investor visa in Argentina?

Before applying, you must submit an investment project in a productive, commercial, or service-oriented business. You must also prove your financial position, origin, and legality of funds and their entry into the country through banking or financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank of Argentina.

After submitting the investment plan, the Argentine Ministry of Industry and Tourism will analyze your project and decide whether to approve it or not. When considering the application, the nature of the investment, the legal viability, and the financial and economic sustainability of the submitted project will be taken into account. If the project is approved, you can apply for an investor visa. Family members of the main applicant may be included in the application.

Investor visa documents

To obtain a residence permit in Argentina for investment, the following documents will be required:

  • Certificate of no criminal record from countries where you have lived for more than one year in the last three years, along with a written statement of no criminal record;
  • Proof of financial position;
  • Confirmation of the source of the funds invested;
  • Investment and business plan;
  • Biography (resume).

All documents must be properly translated into Spanish. Personal documents (birth and marriage certificates) must be apostilled + notarized copies must be removed from them. It is recommended that translations into Spanish be done in Argentina by certified translators.

Valid term of a visa

The primary visa is valid for one year, after which you can renew it, provided that you are still holding the investment. After two renewals, you will be eligible for permanent residence.

The visa is issued for one year and is extended for up to 3 years. After that, the resident can apply for permanent residence in Argentina. After two years of permanent residence in the country (that is, even before obtaining permanent residence), you can apply for citizenship; These naturalization periods are the shortest in the Latin America region.

Double citizenship

Argentina recognizes dual citizenship. To become an Argentine citizen, you do not have to give up your previous passport. Unlike many other countries, Argentine citizenship cannot be revoked. Consequently, an Argentine citizen cannot acquire citizenship of a country requiring renunciation of other citizenships; however, many countries do not take this requirement into account if renouncing another citizenship is not possible.

Argentine passport

The document is a pretty good document for free travel. It allows you to visit, without the need for a visa, all countries of Latin (South and Central) America, all Caribbean countries, except Cuba, New Zealand, Great Britain, all Schengen countries, South Africa, and even Russia. Visas to India and Australia are obtained in a simplified manner online.

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