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Hong Kong: work permit

Furthermore, the visa application process is free in the country, which is a significant benefit for many businesses.

Types of work visas in Hong Kong

The General Employment Policy requires most people traveling to Hong Kong for work to apply for a work visa (GEP). These visas are usually only valid for a certain amount of time. Candidates must have a verified job offer from a sponsoring employer to be eligible.  The following are some other frequent Hong Kong work permits:

Technology talent admission scheme

This work visa is for individuals who work in specific technology fields, such as artificial intelligence and finance technologies.


Individuals who desire to study a skill or gain specific information while living in Hong Kong for up to a year can apply for the training option, which is a work visa.

Quality migrant admission scheme 

This visa allows specific types of ex-pats to relocate to Hong Kong. There are 4,000 spots available in the program for IT, financial, legal, and creative professionals who do not have a job offer.

Immigration arrangements for non-local graduates

This visa is for persons who have a Hong Kong degree. They can apply to stay in the city for up to a year after graduation to hunt for local work.

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Requirements to obtain Hong Kong work visas

Your employees must submit a statement from you detailing the position when applying for a Hong Kong work visa under the GEP. The application will be evaluated by the Immigration Department for the following reasons:

  • A master’s degree
  • Necessary professional experience
  • Salary and working conditions that are equivalent to those in the area
  • Economic contribution to the community
  • Inability to find a native to fill the role

It can be tough for businesses to demonstrate that they couldn’t locate a local to fill a post, especially if they’re hiring people from all over the world. The immigration officials, on the other hand, usually accept the proof they receive.

If your employees want to bring their families to Hong Kong, they must meet additional standards. Employees, for example, must demonstrate that they are married and have children under the age of 18. They must demonstrate that they can financially sustain a family and provide adequate living quarters. A spouse who wants to work in Hong Kong can do so with the help of an extra work permit.

Application process

Employees must first complete the appropriate application form for their needed visa and submit all necessary documentation. The employee must offer a translation if the documents are written in a language other than English or Chinese. They’ll also require a valid passport from their home country.

Applications can be mailed or personally delivered. They can either travel to the Hong Kong Immigration Department or a Chinese mission near them. If your employee is a foreign national who lives on the Chinese mainland, they can apply for a visa at the Hong Kong government’s office in Beijing. Another possibility is to apply to a local sponsor, such as a potential employer.

Other important points to consider

While most job visas are only good for a certain time, employees can apply for an extension of their expires. They should submit their application at least four weeks before the expiration date. Most job visas will be extended for two, three, and three years. The sole exception is if the established employment contract ends before the visa expires, in which case the extension will be shortened.

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