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Haiti: ways to obtain passport

Flag of Haiti

While numerous infrastructures are fairly lacking, and much of the nation is in the process of development, it has nonetheless many sections of magnificent natural beauty, and diverse and rich cultural heritage that marvel visitors.

The Caribbean country is located on the island of Hispaniola and covers about a third of the landmass of the island. Its troubled history and numerous natural disasters that have negatively influenced its economy in the 21st century account for its popularity as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere The country has rich cultural history and is a beautiful land with many areas to explore, despite its tragic history.

It has two popular linguae Franca: French and Haitian Creole. The more popular language among the people is Haitian Creole while French is the government language.

This is a guide that covers all the basics ex-pats who want to reside here indefinitely, need to know. There are few options for foreigners to acquire a nationality, each with its conditions. It’s good to note that the Citizenship laws are based on the Constitution of the island.

Citizenship of Haiti by birth

Birth in the country does not guarantee automatic citizenship. However, a person, regardless of where they are born, is considered a citizen if either one of the parents is a native-born national. For such a person to become a citizen, he or she must be registered at least one year after being born.


Citizenship of Haiti by descent

This applies to a person with at least one parent who is native-born, regardless of the place of birth. It also applies to a child born abroad and is registered at the nearest consulate or embassy for recognition.


Citizenship of Haiti by naturalization

The following criteria must be met: must have been resident for at least 5 years. A naturalized citizen might have the right to vote but is not eligible to hold public office until five years after their date of naturalization.

Dual Citizenship is not permitted. The only exception is a child born in another country to parents who are nationals and acquires his/her country of birth’s citizenship. However, such a child is required to renounce one of the citizenships at the age of maturity.


aerial view of city during daytime


The following conditions must be met to qualify:

  • Be remarkable.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Be in a good state of health.
  • Possess a high personal net worth.
  • Live with family members who are included in the application for a minimum of 5 days within five years.


Some documents required during the application process are:

  1. A document of the applicant’s ID card data
  2. The original and copy of the applicant’s current passport
  3. Applicant’s birth certificate
  4. Applicant’s marriage certificate
  5. Evidence of good health and fitness


Processing time

Since there is no requirement to live here before or after obtaining citizenship, the processing time is relatively short. It takes at least 6 months to process. For some, it takes up to 8 months to finish the process and obtain their permit.


Processing cost

Applying for citizenship does not cost that much. An applicant just has to pay the application fee and other payments when it is approved.

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