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Getting an employment visa – work permit in Slovenia

If they are citizens of the EU, foreigners wishing to seek work experience in Slovenia do not need a work permit. However, Slovenia only allows non-EU citizens to work based on a work permit and a residency permit, both of which must be applied for in advance. The Employment, Self-employment, and Work of Foreigners Act, passed in 2015, governs work and residency permits. All non-EU citizens who want to work in Slovenia must have permits.

Slovenia work permit types

You may apply for the following categories of work permits in Slovenia:

Single work permit

If you have a job lined up in Slovenia and a current employment contract with a Slovenian company, you may apply for this work visa. You may apply for this kind of visa at a Slovenian consulate abroad in your nation, or your employer can do so on your behalf from inside the nation.

Work permit for independent contractors

If you own your own business and wish to work in Slovenia, you may get a self-employed visa. If not, you must first register as an individual undertaking independent, personal labor at the Slovenian Business Register.

Seasonal employment work visa

If you want to work seasonally in the nation for more than 90 days, you may apply for this permit. Typically, the term “seasonal job” refers to employment that is dependent on the seasons in forestry or agriculture. For this kind of permit, your company must apply on your behalf.

The EU blue card

The most sought-after work permit in EU nations is the EU Blue Card. You must be regarded as a “highly qualified person” in certain fields to be eligible for this visa. This visa typically has a two-year validity duration, however, you can extend it as necessary. Please be aware that you must request to change employment within your first two years with a Slovenia EU Blue Card. This won’t be needed beyond that time.

Applying for a work visa for Slovenia

The following measures must be kept in mind while applying for your Slovenia work visa at a foreign embassy or consulate:

Find the proper office

You must locate the Slovenian government’s local representative office that is closest to you. Make an appointment to submit your application after you’ve located your office.

Select the appropriate visa

Following that, you must choose the appropriate visa type based on your line of employment.

Assemble your papers

You must get ready some papers depending on the sort of visa you have, such as your passport, proof of citizenship, financial statements, etc.

Pay your visa fee

You must pay your visa fee as well as any other fees necessary, such as those for your temporary residence permit, on the day of your appointment to submit your visa application.

Application for a visa

Last but not least, you may submit your application at the embassy or consulate and wait while it is processed.

As an alternative, your employer may apply for a work permit on your behalf at a Slovenian local administrative body. Because this application procedure is a little unusual, you must speak with your company in Slovenia to find out which papers you must provide.

Processing time for work visas in Slovenia

The processing of a work visa for Slovenia might take up to six months. However, a variety of variables, including the volume of applications, the time of application submission, and the completeness of the application, impact the processing time. However, as soon as the embassy or consulate makes a decision, they will inform you.

Conditions for work visas in Slovenia

The following papers are necessary for a Slovenia work visa:

  • Your passport: must still be valid three months after the day you leave the Republic of Slovenia.
  • One self-portrait and your biometric information.
  • Contract of employment and/or letter of invitation from your company.
  • Evidence of health coverage.
  • A police clearance certificate from your native country attesting to your lack of criminal history

Depending on your work permit, you could be requested to provide further paperwork.

Work visa costs in Slovenia

After paying for a temporary residence permit based on work, which costs €50 if you apply inside Slovenia and €102 if you apply from outside the country, you must pay for your first long-stay visa, which costs around €77. After entering the nation and registering your new abode, you must additionally pay €15.47 for a residence card. Please be aware that you could have to pay extra for your residence permit if you apply for an EU Blue Card.

Slovenia work visa duration

As long as you continue to work in Slovenia beyond the first year of validity, you must renew your work permit each year. Within five years of moving here, you may apply for a permanent residency permit. Afterward, you may apply for Slovenian citizenship if you so want.

Getting a Slovenia work visa extended

Your Slovenia work visa may be extended by either you or your employer. The procedures are the same as for the first permission application, and the permit extension must be filed before the current permit expiry date.

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