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To Germany from India as IT professional

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What is a residence permit in Germany for IT specialists from India?

Most often, our programmers have heard about the EU Blue Card, which is valid throughout the Schengen area. The holder of this document receives the right to a long-term stay in any EU country and work. However, these requirements, in this case, are much higher than for obtaining a regular ID card for a residence permit in Germany. The main ones are the following:

  • Higher education is recognized in the Federal Republic of Germany as a demanded specialty.
  • The salary is specified in the employment contract for 52,600 euros per year (for 2021).

Many it-specialists with work experience are suitable for such requirements because the professional work of a programmer is highly valued in this country. In past years, only Blue Card holders received permits to stay in the country. Therefore, our fellow citizens have the opinion that only highly qualified specialists can count on moving to Germany for work.

But what about programmers with lower wages and no higher education. Indeed, among our compatriots, there are many it-specialists without a diploma of higher education, but they have extensive experience behind them. Now the road to a residence permit is open for them as well.

A residence permit in Germany is always understood as a temporary residence permit. Its owner receives an ID-card for identification in the country and confirmation of status.

A temporary residence permit can be issued on different grounds:

  • Training at a German university;
  • Official employment;
  • Starting a business;
  • Family reunification;
  • Economic independence;
  • And others.

If a residence permit is issued based on work, then its term corresponds to the term of the employment contract. If the contract is unlimited, then the residence permit is issued for 1-2 years, but it can be extended. If the owner has not lost his job, and also still meets all the requirements, does not have problems with the law, the temporary permit will be extended again.

This can happen until the foreigner has lived in the Federal Republic of Germany for 5 years from the date of the start of his stay. From that moment on, he can apply for a permanent residence permit, which we call permanent residence in Germany.

A residence permit based on work is also called a work visa. Although we said above, the residence permit is not stamped on the foreign passport. Its owner is given a separate ID card.

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Residence permit in Germany for IT specialists – basic requirements

Remember, now it doesn’t matter at all whether you have secondary education or higher education. The condition for obtaining a residence permit on German soil is the availability of vocational education, which has been recognized for compliance with a German education. In the case of IT specialists, five years of work experience in the specialty can be taken into account.

The process of recognition of a diploma consists of the following stages:

  • Go to the database site anabin of the Office for the Recognition of Foreign Education ZAB. In the search form, enter the name of your university, faculty, and specialty;
  • If your specialty is present in the database, you need to print an extract, which will contain data about it and your university. This extract will be sufficient for German officials from the embassy or consulate;
  • If your university or specialty is not in the anabin database, then you will have to submit a separate online application to ZAB for diploma recognition. To apply, you need to know German.

Knowledge of German is a conditional requirement. Many English-speaking companies are operating in Germany. However, for an interview at a German consulate and successful integration after moving to Germany for permanent residence, it is crucial to have at least an initial knowledge of the German language and improve it in the future.

Since 2021, foreign programmers, software testers, and other IT specialists have received benefits for work immigration to Germany. Only the following conditions are needed:

  • Provide proof of your work experience or an IT specialist diploma;
  • Submit an employment contract concluded with a German employer, which stipulates a salary of 4020 euros per month.

As an evidence base, foreigners can use labor contracts concluded with German employers, which indicate the specialty and the level of wages, entries from the workbook proving work experience, recall from the boss from the previous place of work.

Residence permit in Germany for IT specialists – list of documents

From 2021, every German employer agrees with the intent to hire a foreign employee with the Foreigners Office. Therefore, he will be interested in your procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Germany as quickly as possible. Thanks to this, among other things, the terms of consideration of applications from foreigners will now be reduced.

An applicant for a temporary residence permit must collect the following package of documents:

  • Application form completed in German;
  • A foreign passport that will be valid for the duration of the residence permit (1-2 years);
  • Stamp of a long-term visa category D in the passport;
  • 3 up-to-date passport-size photographs;
  • Medical insurance policy (travel insurance);
  • An employment contract with a German employer indicating wages;
  • Registration of a German residence;
  • A copy of the lease agreement for an apartment or house;
  • Confirmation of payment of contributions to the pension fund in the first months of work;
  • Certificate of passing the German language exam indicating the level of proficiency.

The documents and application must be submitted to the Office for Foreigners. As mentioned above, this must be done after receiving the registration of the place of residence, tax ID, and bank account.

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