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Immigration to Europe from India

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It is necessary to choose in what way and how to move to Europe for permanent residence from India.

When emigrating from India to European countries, you guarantee yourself and your children a bright future. There will be high-quality medicine, education of the highest level, an excellent attitude towards emigrants from India. Moving to a new place, especially to a new country, is individual for each person. This is influenced by the language barrier, education, employment, age, and much more. If you are highly qualified in your profession, it will be easy for you to find a job. There are a lot of such nuances. Therefore, they need to be considered and revised before thinking about moving to Europe for permanent residence.

How to move to live in Europe from India

There are some ways to go to Europe for permanent residence:

  • For family reunification – if the next of kin live in the EU, the registration procedure will be slightly simplified;
  • By repatriation – if your ancestors lived in one of the EU countries, you can prove that you belong to a certain ethnic group;
  • When obtaining refugee status – this status is difficult to obtain, but there is also such an opportunity;
  • In case of marriage with a citizen of the country to which you want to go for permanent residence – after registering your marriage, you can immediately apply for a residence permit, and after 3-5 years you can start preparing for citizenship;
  • When starting your own business – due to economic difficulties, many European countries are developing programs aimed at increasing the flow of funding from other countries;
  • For employment – at the invitation of a foreign company, you can quickly obtain a visa and work permit, and then issue a residence permit;
  • To study – our compatriots often receive higher education in Europe, first receiving a temporary residence permit, and then a permanent residence permit.

Which European countries are best for immigration?

Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Greece, and Cyprus are the most comfortable countries to live in. Some also opt for the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Hungary, and Belgium. When deciding to move to Europe for permanent residence, it is worth considering your goals, language training, and the program with which you will be moving.

In the countries of Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, etc.), you can quickly and easily obtain a residence permit. The climate here is mild and warm. However, in terms of employment and living standards, these countries are inferior to Western Europe. In Western countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria), the standard of living is higher, so rent, insurance, and other necessary things are more expensive. In Monaco and Liechtenstein, only elite real estate is sold and rented, there are very high taxes. Therefore, for many, moving to these countries is impossible due to the need to bear financial costs.

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Features of moving to Europe from India

Almost all countries require permanent residence in the country for 3-5 years. The exceptions apply to those who run their own business or invest in the economy.

Regardless of the purpose of the visit, the scheme for obtaining citizenship for all countries is as follows:

  • Obtaining a residence permit (a special card is issued);
  • Obtaining permanent residence (after 3-7 years of stay in the country);
  • Obtaining citizenship – possible after 3-5 years of stay in the country.

It is also possible to obtain a residence permit by investing in the economy of several countries. Such options are offered by the UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, and Spain.

To receive a document confirming your right to permanent residence, you must prove that you have lived in the country for the specified period. Various supporting documents must be attached to the application, depending on the situation (employed, self-employed, job seeker, pensioner, student).

They can be as follows:

  • A valid certificate of registration issued upon arrival in a new country;
  • Proof that you live in the country you are in, such as utility bills and leases;
  • Proof, such as pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, that you work, study, do business or provide financial support.

The authorities are obliged to issue a permanent residence document as soon as possible. Also, they can not charge you with an administrative fee higher than the citizens of a given country pay. The document is automatically renewed without fulfilling any conditions or requirements. However, its validity period may differ depending on the country that issued it.

You may lose your permanent residence permit if you spend more than two years in a row outside the country.

The term for obtaining citizenship by investment usually does not exceed 6 months, after which you can travel with a passport to other countries without restrictions for recreation, treatment, study, starting a business, etc. The status of a residence permit in one country does not give the right to stay in other countries. You can only leave the state for 90 days every six months.

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