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Famous Japanese restaurants

A set of Japanese sashimi.

Japan has many restaurants with a twist that brings more and more visitors to Japan. Restaurants are split into categories of regular or traditional and more fun, extreme and unusual restaurants.

First in line is the Kawaii Monster cafe as it is colorful, interesting and is located in Harajuku. Robot restaurant is another extravagant restaurant in Japan. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo. Another interesting restaurant is Alice in Magical Land Cafe that is completely themed like popular book “Alice’s adventures in wonderland”.

Unique cafe In Tokyo is the Vampire cafe that is decorated and made overall in gothic style that catches the eyes of customers and tourists. One of the cutest restaurants that is found in Japan is Hedgehogs cafe where there are option to see and touch hedgehogs. This is very popular among tourists and is often visited by influencers and families.

These cafes and restaurants attract many visitors, foreign tourists, families and influencers. Popular places are usually picture worthy as the popularity nowadays depends on social media presence and more likes and rating on tourist applications.


Japanese traditional restaurants

Japan has many traditional and family targeted restaurants to go to if the extravagant restaurants are too much. For example, Kitcho is famous for its “kaiseki” meals and dishes that are made from seasonal, locally grown ingredients.

Kobe Beef Teppnyaki Hakushu is a family-owned restaurant and is rated as one of the most popular restaurants food wise.

Rokkasen is a popular Japanese style restaurant that serves meat and great quality beef. Restaurant that is considered as traditional is Japanese Oiran Za that has a cabaret show with traditional Japanese dance and songs. This is a place to go to fully experience Japanese traditions in food and cultural appearance.

A more calm that cabaret show restaurant is Sasanoyuki tofu restaurant that is a classic Japanese restaurant next to Ueno Park as its specific traditional dish is pushed tofu to its maximum culinary potential. Another calm restaurant that is specializing in artistic and slow dining ritual is Sekihotei. Sekihotei is restaurant where meals are prepared by famous and talented Shinichi Akatsuka.

Japanese traditional restaurants are a great experience for foreign tourists who don’t want restaurants that have an extravagant twist to them. Traditional is always better for slow food and family friendly dinners as well as evening with friends. These restaurants focus on food quality not epic show that attracts the attention.

Udon noodles in bowls.

Extreme Japanese restaurants

There are some restaurants or cafes that are very extreme and can be a whole adventure to eat in. One of the extravagant restaurants is Snake Cafe that has the option to put snakes on the body and take interesting pictures. Unusual experience is Penguin Cafe sweet penguins that live in this restaurant.

Very unique and unusual experience is in Uobei restaurant in Shibuya. This restaurant is made as a table-conveyor belt with sushi going in one speed with the option to take a sushi roll from every portion and type. This is an experience that costs a lot of money but you get to taste a lot of sushi types that is usually not possible in any other restaurant.

These restaurants are most popular among young adult tourists that seek extreme traveling with full wow-effect experience. Not only they have great food but also they make amazing meals that represent the experience and culture overall.


Traditional food in Japan

To fully experience Japan and its culture, you have to try popular and traditional foods of Japan. Fist is obvious – sushi and sashimi that is very popular all over the world, but Japan as the origin country is the best place to try some sushi.

Another popular food of Japan is ramen. Ramen is a popular option to eat on any case; it can be given in a soup and as ramen with sauce. Interesting food is Okonomiyaki that is visually similar to pancake but has different ingredients.

Miso soup is one more traditional Japanese dish that is a popular choice for any meal of the day. Tourists love this soup because of its interesting yet suitable for any customer taste.

A twist on regular dumplings that we are used to is Japanese dumplings – Gyoza. Gyoza comes in three variations that are cooked in oil, deep-fried and boiled.

Fried gyoza dumplings.

Japanese food is available not only in Japan but all over the globe, but the real food and dishes always taste better in origin country it has been made therefore the food is always a great option to experience culture of another country.

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