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Serbia: education system

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It ensures that graduates of Serbian universities are in good demand among employers of all countries.

Education in Serbia for foreigners

The Serbian educational system has several levels and is fully centrally controlled (by the Ministry of Education). Academic education in Serbia is offered by public and private universities. Obtaining bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees will take 3-4, 2, and 3 years. But higher schools offer vocational education: from 3 to 6 years – depending on the direction.

Recently, master’s programs in medicine, management, economics, finance, information technology, social sciences, and agriculture have been especially popular among foreign applicants. Moreover, it is quite possible to enroll in a master’s or doctoral program, even for free, if the student or the topic of his/her reports are interesting for the university to which he/she is applying. In other cases, studying in Serbia will cost a foreigner four times more than a Serbian citizen.

The most persistent and talented students can take part in a competition for a grant or take advantage of a scholarship program, including from the side of their state. But it is worth considering that as soon as the term of this kind of financial assistance expires, the university will ask for payment on an equal basis with the rest.

What you need to enter a Serbian university

To enter Serbian university an applicant will need the following list of documents:

  • High School Graduation Document;
  • Diploma with marks for the final exam;
  • Receipt of payment for admission.

Enrollment is based on the results of the competition. If an applicant is enrolled in a university, he submits all the documents. Speaking about obtaining higher education in Serbia, it should be clarified that there is a division here that concerns the cost of education. If the applicant is a foreigner, he/she will pay four times more for his/her studies than a Serb.

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5 most important advantages of studying in Serbia

Below there are some most efficient reasons why getting higher education in Serbia is a good decision:

  • Recognized diploma in the world

When applying to some Serbian universities, you can be sure that the diplomas you receive upon graduation are recognized in most countries, both in Europe and the rest of the world.

For those who are particularly demanding, universities in Serbia boast an incredible number of signed cooperation agreements with international universities. This option allows you to start your higher education in Serbia and, if you wish, you can continue it at some partner universities.

Serbia has signed cooperation agreements with many universities from Belgium, Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, China, Japan, and a lot of other countries of the world.

  • A large number of universities

Serbia has 4 state universities with over 70 faculties. It is also worthy that we can say that strong private faculties successfully follow all European and world standards.

Also, there are a large number of universities offering accredited English language programs, including:

  • Medical school;
  • Faculty of Economics;
  • Faculty of Architecture and many others.

In addition to academic studies, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies may be conducted in English.

  • Low tuition fees

According to the latest research, costs for studying at Serbian universities are among the lowest in the world. Of course, this does not mean that low prices affect the quality of education itself. It is evidenced by the numerous awards that students from Serbia receive at various international competitions.

Prices depend on the choice of the desired faculty, but approximate tuition fees start at 2100 euros per year and can go up to 10,000 euros per year at some of the most prestigious faculties in Serbia.


  • Fun student life

If you decide to start your higher education at some Serbian universities, we can say that you are guaranteed two things.

First, you will meet lifelong friends. It is widely known that the people of Serbia are friendly and extremely hospitable, so you can count on being welcomed in Serbia.

Second, you can experience amazing student life with all its privileges. Students in Serbia have at their disposal numerous discounts on various services, from the provision of books at the national library to the benefits provided for transporting students in the city to restaurants that can offer you prices that are at an enviable level.

  • Favorable prices for living in Serbia

Serbia boasts that it is one of the most comfortable places to live, and that is what makes Serbia the ideal place to live for students. It is a privilege that other countries cannot boast of. Compared to other countries, the cost of living in Serbia is much lower.

If finance is an important factor in your choice when you start your higher education, Serbia can certainly provide you with the best rates.

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