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Berlin: live and work as a foreigner

Berlin gates

The rules have softened after the entry into force of the “New Migration Law”. Immigration programs to Germany include a Blue Card. This document allows you to work, run a business and apply for a residence permit.

However, it also has special requirements:

  • Blaue Karte is for highly qualified professionals only;
  • The existing diploma of higher education must be recognized in Germany;
  • A vacant position under an employment contract corresponds to the qualifications of the applicant;
  • The contract must indicate a salary of at least 50,800 euros per year without taxes.


According to the established criteria, the list of professions whose specialists are needed includes medical professionals, financial and banking specialists, IT specialists, engineers, sales managers, university teachers, and scientists.

You can also apply for a permit at the embassy. It provides the following benefits:

  • Blue Card holder’s family (spouse/hectare, children under the age of 18) gets the right to move to Germany for permanent residence and obtain a residence permit without confirmation of language proficiency. The so-called family reunion;
  • The document gives the right to travel in countries of Europe for tourism purposes no more than 90 days;
  • You will be able to leave the state for a year without losing your rights to a permit and a residence permit;
  • After working for 18 months in the first host country, the right to work in any of the EU member states appears.

Business immigration to Berlin

It has been very liberal in recent years. To move to Berlin, it is enough to open a GmbH UG company, contribute 1 euro to the authorized capital and bring it to at least 25,000 from deductions from net profit in four years. However, it will be more efficient for an entrepreneur to use the Blue Card to obtain a residence permit. Its terms are more flexible.

How to look for a job in Berlin

Type in the name of the position and city or Deutschland. For example, “software engineer münchen” is a good query. The search engine will return hundreds of results. If you do not know the language, translate vacancies into English with automatic translators. But looking for a job in Germany without knowing German is promising for a small number of professions. Doctors, teachers, and the humanities need the German language at the B2 level to learn C1. Technicians have enough English B1 and the desire to learn German.

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Average starting salary in Berlin

The salary of emigrants who managed to draw up documents and receive the status of a migrant is 1.5 thousand euros per month. The attitude towards the late settlers is more than loyal. They will be assisted by departmental services with documents, manuals, language courses, and accommodation. Novice law enforcement officers and handymen start their careers with a salary of 1.5-1.7 thousand euros per month.

List of documents for receiving a Berlin work visa

The German Embassy publishes the requirements in the leaflets on the website.

Main points for visa applicants for work:

  • Complete application form in duplicate;
  • Photos of passport format;
  • The contract with the employer;
  • Job description filled in by the employer;
  • Diploma with translation into German and confirmation of the fact of recognition of education;
  • Medical travel insurance for the period from the first day of stay to the first working day;
  • It is advisable to arrange compulsory state health insurance before departure, especially if the entire family is planning to leave at the same time;
  • Summary in tabular form.


The consulate has the right to request other documents, for example, proof of work experience or qualifications, knowledge of the language, etc. Be sure to read the memo on the embassy website for your visa type.


Business emigration to Berlin – why is it profitable?

Businessmen are more careful in choosing the place of starting a new business and live. Here are the benefits of Berlin for entrepreneurs. Business immigration to Germany is profitable today. The requirements for the size of the authorized capital for newly opened companies have decreased. There is the best infrastructure for developing your own business. The German capital has an advantageous location. The largest cities in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria are within a few hour’s drive.

Features of Berlin infrastructure:

  • Delivery of correspondents around the country in one day;
  • 10 telecommunication providers;
  • Online travel planning services with ticket purchases;
  • The airport serves over 25 million passengers a year;
  • 3 hours by car to the port of Hamburg, which is a place for transshipment of goods from China and other countries of the world.


According to data from real estate agencies for business in Berlin, there are about 5,000 premises available for rent. The rental price is lower than in Frankfurt or Munich. Modern business centers offer space for 300 euros per square meter. In the industrial area, you can find a room for 60 euros. For example, in Frankfurt, prices start from 70 and reach 500 euros per sq.m. The price difference is about 20%.

Over 3.5 million of the population is a huge number of potential customers. All other German cities are smaller in population. Tourism authorities record about 18 million overnight stays of tourists a year. Business emigration to Germany can be profitable for representatives of trade and hotel business.

The capital also has first place in the country in terms of the number of business conferences held. And it ranks fourth in the world. The city’s gross domestic product is around 100 billion euros.

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