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Croatia: work as foreigner

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In addition, if you carefully read all the nuances of employment in Croatia, you can undoubtedly find a suitable option for yourself.

If you are interested in working in Croatia, you can use the following most common ways to find a job:

  • independent search for vacancies on the Internet;
  • contacting an employment agency.


Independent job search on the Internet

When searching for vacancies on your own, the easiest way is to use the Internet. Many employers openly publish information about the availability of job vacancies in Croatia on special recruitment sites.

The most chances of finding a job are on Croatian platforms. Among the most popular online resources for finding a job in Croatia are the following:

  • – This Internet resource contains about 3 thousand job advertisements throughout Croatia. To search for a suitable vacancy, you can choose both Croatian and English. A search system on the site helps to find a job by the latest offers, regions,s, and categories.
  • – This site offers both open positions and advice on job search and resume design. In the “Job” section, proposals are divided into subsections such as: “New offers”, “Job for students”, “Job by category”, “Job by region”, “Job by city” and “Profession”. The site is also available in English.
  • is a platform with a wide base of ads from real estate sales to job searches. The section “Work” contains about 1300 proposals. You can select a vacancy by one of the categories, as well as use a filter. The site is in Croatian.
  • is an English-language platform with over 24 million job openings worldwide. First, you are asked to select a country. About 8 thousand proposals are posted on the site for Croatia.


When looking for a job in Croatia, you can contact an employment agency for help. It should be noted that the client is charged a fee for the services provided by recruiting agencies. Depending on the company and the terms of the contract that you are looking for, the fee can be one-time or monthly.


The procedure for applying for work for foreigners

The Croatian Labor Code obliges every foreign worker to have one of the main types of work permits:

  • work permit (Radna dozvola);
  • business permit (Poslovne dozvole).

On the basis of any of these permits, a foreigner has the right to apply for a work visa and officially get a job in Croatia under the conditions prescribed in an employment contract concluded with a specific employer.

A permit document for employment is valid for 2 years. It can be obtained only if the foreign specialist falls under the quotas for foreigners established by the government.

At the same time, Croatian labor legislation defines certain categories of foreigners who have the right to work in the country, bypassing the complex quota system:

  • heads of foreign companies that open their representative office in this country;
  • teachers and mentors teaching in educational institutions in this state in the languages of national minorities;
  • foreigners who have established labor relations in foreign communities in which at least three states are members;
  • sports personalities and professional athletes who got a job under an employment contract;
  • accredited journalists;
  • immigrants with a residence permit;
  • scientific researchers;
  • members of sea crews;
  • foreigners exercising control and inspection of the repair and construction of ships;
  • political refugees.

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Registration of a work visa

A Croatian work visa is issued only with an official invitation from the employer. An employment-based visa is a Schengen D visa, which entitles foreigners to stay in the country for more than 90 days. The holder of a visa of this category must, within 90 days after arrival in the country, apply to the Police Department in order to register in the database for foreigners.

Required documents

To obtain a work visa to Croatia, the following documents are required:

  • application (can be downloaded from the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in your country);
  • a foreign passport valid for at least 3 months from the end of the trip. The passport must have at least two blank pages for pasting the visa sticker;
  • a color clear photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm;
  • medical insurance with a coverage amount of at least EUR 30,000;
  • a document confirming the purpose of stay (work permit, official letter of invitation from the employer, employment contract);
  • a document confirming the provision of a place of residence (contract for the purchase or lease of real estate);
  • a confirmation of the availability of funds (bank statement);
  • a document confirming the intention to return home (proof of ownership of the real estate, return ticket, etc.);
  • a receipt for payment of consular fees.


Average salary

The average salary in Croatia in 2020 is 5,000 Croatian Kuna (721 USD). IT professionals have the highest salaries, with an average salary of 11,500 Kuna ($ 1,660). Marketing professionals earn approximately HRK 9,800 (the US $ 1,415) per month, while legal professionals earn approximately HRK 6,900 (the US $ 995). Service workers such as waiters, baristas, and bartenders earn around HRK 6,000 (the US $ 865) during the summer season.

Teachers in Croatia have a monthly salary of 5,200 Kuna (the US $ 750) and health workers 4,460 Kuna (the US $ 645). Cashiers and construction workers have the lowest wages – their average monthly salary is approximately HRK 2,800 (US $ 400).

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