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Immigration in 2021 – best countries to relocate

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Of course, we all want to move to a developed country that guarantees us security, social benefits, and an acceptable level of taxes.

A suitable country for relocation will be one that has simple and loyal conditions for emigration. Many developed countries are interested in the arrival of new citizens. It will not be difficult to move to almost any country in the world, except perhaps Turkmenistan and the DPRK, if you have a couple of million dollars in your heart or a rare and demanded specialty. Unfortunately, in order to find a new homeland, immigration zeal is not enough everywhere, since the country strictly regulates the quality and number of immigrants.


Pros: One of the happiest countries on Earth.

This small Pacific state willingly accepts emigrants, however, this will require a considerable amount of money. But Vanuatu invariably falls into the first lines of the ranking in terms of happiness. The main advantages of Vanuatu are abundance and seclusion.


Pros: Consistently one of the highest levels of quality of life in the world.

There are many ways to move to Australia, but for the young and ambitious, there is a great opportunity to take advantage of professional immigration. Here they are willing to accept specialists who are ready to work in the country.

Czech Republic

Pros: Economic stability, free higher education, a member state of the European Union.

This country can be called a paradise for those who value stability and prosperity and would like to live in Europe. You can emigrate to the Czech Republic according to most schemes and without impressive financial costs.


Pros: The better higher education system.

More than 150 leading universities and one of the strongest economies in the world make the United States an especially attractive country. It is not so easy to obtain citizenship, but you can try your luck in the annual Green Card lottery. By the way, the chances are not that small.

New Zealand

Pros: The most prosperous country in the world, one of the safest.

The country is ideal not only for hobbits but also for people. Add to that the unforgettable scenery and the fact that New Zealand comes first on all counts of well-being. You can get here by professional immigration, as well as by student, having received a one-year visa after training to look for work.

Dominican Republic

Pros: Amazing climate and ease of obtaining a residence permit.

Perhaps each of us at least once dreamed of living in the land of eternal summer and beaches with perfect advertising pictures. There are minimal bureaucratic obstacles, therefore, having studied the scheme, you can obtain citizenship within 3-5 years. But many stop at intermediate stages.


Pros: One of the coolest social supports.

The migration program is developed here as nowhere else. And, perhaps, you will not find a more highly developed country with an affordable standard of living and a powerful social system. And in terms of freedom, Canada is among the top ten.


Pros: Inexpensive life and minimal unemployment.

It is difficult to naturalize here, but, in principle, it is not necessary. The relatively low cost of real estate allows you to acquire your housing and live on long-term visas. You can get a job as an English teacher – for this, an average level of language proficiency is enough.


Pros: Easy to immigrate on a national basis, one of the strongest countries in the world.

The state willingly accepts everyone who has Jewish roots. There is a law that says about the right of any Jew to settle in Israel. To become a resident of a country with a high standard of living and a developed economy, it is worth exploring your roots.


Pros: The most favorable conditions for starting your own business, the strongest healthcare system.

The schemes for emigrating to Singapore are similar to the others. But special attention should be paid to the country for those who decided to start their own business or develop an existing one. At least it is difficult to stay hungry in this country – it is one of the three leaders in food security.


Pros: Simple requirements for immigrants and inexpensive life.

The homeland of Che Guevara and Diego Maradona is a very colorful, although not so rich country. One way to settle down here is to confirm that you have a guaranteed monthly income, such as rent or bank deposit.


Pros: A fast-growing labor market and a favorable climate.

It seems that the Montenegrins themselves do not strive to work hard, and many professional niches are vacant for those who do not go to emigration for endless vacations. And it is better to open your own business at all – this can be done with a passport. Although, how can you not notice the beautiful beaches and incredible landscapes?

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