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Cost of living in Bratislava – is Slovakia expensive? 

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, one of the youngest independent states in Europe. After a turbulent past in the 20th century, as part of Czechoslovakia, Bratislava became the capital of Slovakia, which became independent in 1993.

The last two decades have been marked by important economic and social reforms in Slovakia. Currently, Slovakia is a full member of the European Union. Slovakia enters the eurozone, making the euro its currency, and the Schengen free movement area.

Favorable economic and social stability, combined with improved living standards, have significantly increased the attractiveness of Slovakia in recent years. Currently in Slovakia, and primarily in Bratislava, there is a positive net migration rate.

Driving factors for the influx of expats to Bratislava are also driving up the cost of living in the Slovak capital. This is especially true for real estate, but short and long term visitors.

Slovakia is a country with a decent standard of living, a developed economy, and infrastructure. When going there, students from other countries think about the possible expenses and cost of living there. How much money do you need to provide yourself with comfortable living, fresh food, clothing, and transportation? This depends in part on how frugal the student himself is. But there are average prices that you can focus on. On this page, we have collected for you the most frequent expenses in Bratislava.

Expenses in Slovakia per year of residence

Food and accommodation costs in Slovakia are significantly lower than in most European countries. At the same time, salaries in this country are at a very decent level, which provides students with all the necessary conditions with a minimum of spending.


1x Transport to Slovakia

(bus, railway, air) in both directions from 100 to 500 euros

1x Accommodation from 200 EUR / month

1x Meals from 150 EUR / month

1x Travel ticket

(for all types of public transport) from 13 euros / month

1x Mobile connection from 10 EUR / month

1x University admission

(filling out and submitting a questionnaire) from 32 euros / application

1x Extension of visa for the next year

(after admission to the university) 100 euros

1x Nostrification of the certificate from 105 euros

1x Translation of a certificate / diploma from 20 euros / page

Medical examination (for a residence permit) from 150 euros


In general, in Slovakia, there is a fairly low level of food prices. At the same time, gasoline, communication services, and utility bills are quite expensive for local residents.

Education cost

Bratislava can be an excellent study option at a European higher education institution. Most of the higher educational institutions are state-owned, and curricula are taught mainly in the Slovak language. Education is free for citizens of Slovakia and the EU. Non-EU citizens usually pay between 3,000 and 5,000 euros per year for tuition.

The total cost of living for students in Bratislava is moderate. The highest cost is associated with accommodation, which can be difficult to find at decent prices. Food and entertainment at comparable prices to other capitals in the region such as Budapest and Prague.

Education in Slovakia in the Slovak language is free for everyone. You can spend time and money on language courses in Slovakia and it will be much cheaper than paying for education in English. By the way, you also need to learn English.

If you decide to study in English on a paid basis, here are the approximate prices for various cities and faculties of the Slovak Republic (all prices are in € for one academic year):

State universities:

  • University named after Comensky in Bratislava – 2000-12200 €
  • The University of Economics in Bratislava – 500-3000 €
  • Slovak Technical University in Bratislava – 3500-6000 €

Private University:

  • Pan-European University – 1800-10000 €

There are also free training programs in English. For example, at the Matej Bel University or the A. Dubcek University.

Accommodation rent / dormitory accommodation:

  • University named after Komensky in Bratislava – 70 €
  • Slovak Technical University in Bratislava – 50-100 €

Apartments for rent:

In Bratislava, the rental price starts from 300 €, in smaller cities the prices are lower. It is better to look at the exact prices of specialized resources.

The undoubted advantages of living in this small, hospitable, and clean country include:

  • free movement within the EU countries;
  • the presence of a large number of opportunities for recreation within the country itself: national parks, tourist centers, thermal springs, ski resorts, and lakes;
  • low price level compared to the rest of Europe;
  • the very calm atmosphere and stable political situation;
  • low property prices;
  • the modern level of communications, internet, and mobile communications.

Among the disadvantages of living in the territory of the Slovak Republic are the following points:

  • high level of gasoline prices;
  • low wages;
  • the almost complete absence of large shopping centers;
  • high prices for telecommunications and utilities;
  • lack of free health insurance.

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