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Business visa in Canada

A considerable number of entrepreneurs conduct business abroad to earn substantial money and live in abundance. Most foreign countries open up a solid number of good earning opportunities. Canada is no exception in this regard. To successfully do business with foreign parties, a business visa to Canada is required. It is also necessary for visiting the country with business negotiations, signing contracts and attending conferences.

To obtain a Canadian business visa, you need a strict list of documents, since getting to this country is quite difficult. It will be useful to study all the necessary nuances regarding obtaining this document to visit the country.

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Features of obtaining a business visa to Canada

Today, to obtain a Canadian business visa, there is no need to pass an interview at the country’s embassy. Now, it is enough to fill out the eTA electronic form and attach the necessary package of documents to it on the official server of the Consulate of Canada. You will have to visit the Canadian Embassy only to submit biometric data, which is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Canadian visa, regardless of its category.

List of documents for a business visa to Canada

The list of papers and other certificates required to obtain a Canadian visa differs depending on its category. So to get a business visa to Canada, you must provide:

  • Current international passport with one blank spread (its expiration date should not end before the date of return home);
  • ID card;
  • Documents confirming the reservation of air tickets and hotel rooms or apartments;
  • Photo (passport form);
  • Biometric data (electronic photo, signature, and fingerprints);
  • An invitation from a business partner or any other document that can confirm the purpose of the applicant’s visit. The document must contain the name, financial position, and contact details of the inviting party;
  • Air tickets and accommodation reservations at the time of stay in Canada;
  • Visa application forms of the established form;
  • 2 color photographs of the applicant, which were taken no later than 6 months before the submission of documents for a Canadian visa, category “business” (standard passport size – 35 × 45mm);
  • Entrepreneur registration certificate (if any);
  • Report from the tax office for the last reporting period (for entrepreneurs);
  • Papers confirming the financial position of the applicant (Bank statement, statement of cash flow, which confirms the applicant’s entrepreneurial activity);
  • A description of the route.

It should be understood that a business visa to Canada does not provide an opportunity to conduct business or work in the country. A Canadian visa is issued for the exchange of experience, professional growth, and business negotiations with foreign business representatives. It also allows you to attend various training seminars and courses lasting less than 6 months.

Types of business visa to Canada and duration

You can get a business visa to Canada, which will allow you to visit the country once and repeatedly. These types of visas differ in the number of times the holder can come to Canada. So when obtaining a single-entry Canadian visa, you can visit the country only once during the entire period of the visa. In this case, the duration of the trip should not exceed 7 months. Having multiple Canadian visas allows you to visit the country an unlimited number of times, up to the expiration of the permitting document.

A business visa to Canada can be issued for a period of 6 months to 10 years. However, according to statistics, business Canadian visas are issued for a short period.

Processing time for a Canadian visa application

On average, the Canadian Consulate considers applications for a business visa from 7 to 14 days, not counting the time it takes to return the passport to the owner. It takes an additional 2-5 days. For this reason, it is necessary to start obtaining a business visa to Canada at least a month before the intended trip.

Reasons for refusing a business visa to Canada

The most common reasons for negative responses are:

  • errors in filling out online questionnaires;
  • lack of one or more documents or questionnaires required to obtain a business visa to Canada;
  • incorrect translation of documents;
  • the poor evidence base that an applicant plans to return to the country of permanent residence;
  • lack of an invitation or other documents confirming the business purpose of the trip;
  • the unstable income of the applicant;
  • deliberate introduction of representatives of the Consulate into deception, etc.

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