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Best Universities to Apply for in Kaliningrad as an Expat

Eight universities with 131 courses offered make up Kaliningrad’s university system. Moreover, there are 57 Master’s degrees and 74 Bachelor’s programs offered by 7 universities. In terms of global education rankings, this city is held in higher regard. The fields of commerce, administration, technology, management, IT, auditing, psychology, finances, and banking are the most popular in Kaliningrad.

If you want to pursue your education in this stunning Russian city, you can apply to these two finest institutes of higher education in the country on the list below.

Kaliningrad State Technical University

Kaliningrad State Technical University(KSTU) was established on the foundation of the Moscow Technical College for the Fisheries Sector. It is rightfully regarded as the origin of Russian higher fishing schooling and a variety of research schools in navigation, industrial fishing, and cutting-edge food manufacturing techniques. Currently, it continues practices of excellent specialized training for the fishing industry while evolving as multifunctional academia taking into account the needs and market importance of the Region.

Every year, the Institute faculty staff’s main study areas are decided by the KSTU Scientific Research Office, which frequently analyses research activity. These topics include farming and the administration of marine natural resources, food production techniques and technologies, rational nature administration, food biotech, electrical engineering, and energy usage.

One of the key structural components required for a productive training process is its library.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

The Baltic Federal University of Immanuel Kant is titled after Immanuel Kant. It is a perfect pick for learners from all around the globe who want to study for MBBS. The academe puts a lot of effort into maintaining intellectual and scientific history while also offering a high standard of clinical training, a pleasant setting, and cutting-edge interactive tools.

Numerous students go on to operate in some of the top cities in the world after graduating from Immanuel Kant’s Baltic Federal Institution of higher education with a professional certification that is recognized across the world. The Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal’s main webpage now has the admission forms, that students can acquire. 

It offers an affordable MBBS curriculum for medical students from all around the world. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University collaborates with more than 150 foreign institutions, and the 900 faculty members there offer students top-notch medical training. The institute has also offered technical education packages to its students. 

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal provides scholarships to international students who arrive to study MBBS. Students searching for monetary assistance for educational reasons at the institution can apply for the State Allotment System.

Why study in Kaliningrad? 

Everyone can find plenty to enjoy in Kaliningrad, Russia’s higher schooling structure. Be it bachelor’s, master’s, statewide tests, or doctorate certificates, the institutes in this region provide degree courses in every conceivable field and educational level. In a broad variety of fields, general universities place a great emphasis on a study that is technology-driven. On the other side, advanced research universities place a strong emphasis on practical application. You can register in a college of art, cinema, or music if you’re more involved in creative disciplines.

Particularly at the master’s program level, more and more graduate programs and classes are being provided in English.

Furthermore! The cost of living in Kaliningrad is affordable when compared to other European nations. Meals, housing, apparel, and cultural events all cost around what they do on average in Europe. Students can also take advantage of a variety of discounts. Theaters, galleries, concert halls, libraries, water parks, and other establishments provide discounted rates. You only need to show your student ID.

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