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Belize: visa guide before travel

Flag of Belize

Visa Conditions

Documents you need to present:

  • Operation form.
  • Passport.
  • Flight journal.

In addition, you need the following documents if you are being financed:

  • Letter of Financial Support.
  • Sponsor’s Identification.
  • Evidence of Kinship.
  • Calling Letter.
  • Employment Letter.
  • Banking Financials.

The application form must be accomplished in its wholeness, signed by the entrant, and returned to the Embassy of Belize. The application must contain a passport picture, a duplicate of the bank statement, a letter of employment (if applicable), and a duplicate of the journal. The applicant’s passport must be submitted along with the operation form. Processing time for visas is roughly 30 business days.


Visa Types 

You can apply for:

  • Tourist Visa. 
  • Employment Visa. 
  • Student Visa. 
  • Business visa. 

Tourist Visa

You may apply for a visitor visa if you are; 

  • spending a holiday or traveling.
  • probing the possibilities of staying in the country.

Employment Visa

You are entitled to apply for an employment visa if you are:

  • officially hired in Belize.
  • conducting a discussion visit.
  • deals with representatives of overseas companies.

Pupil visa

You may apply for a pupil visa if you are enrolled in a:

  • Primary Institution.
  • Secondary Institution.
  • Tertiary Institution.

Business Visa Application Conditions for a Belize Visa

  • Hold a passport valid for at least six months on entry with one blank visa sheet.
  • Hold evidence of onward/ return flights.
  • Hold all documents demanding the upcoming destination.
  • Hold evidence of sufficient finances relative to your intended length of stay.

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How to Apply

The applicant’s seal must be the same as the seal on the passport.  You must submit original and duplicates of all demanded documents. Documents in languages other than English must be interpreted by proper authority and also signed. If you are living outside of Belize you can apply at your nearest Belizean political or consular station. 

Still, your operation can be submitted only at the Belmopan Headquarters Office, If you or your supporter is presently in Belize. All guests to Belize must be in possession of a valid passport, an onward/ return ticket within 30 days and sufficient finances (USD$75.00 per day) to cover the cost of the length of stay.

It provides 2 kinds of Residence status, permanent Residence, and Temporary Residence. A lifetime Residency is suitable for persons who want to make Belize their home and will be staying in the country for a long period of time.

Firstly, temporary Residence is for persons who have made or are in the process of making a substantial marketable investment in Belize but due to commitments outside Belize can’t meet ordinary Permanent Residence restrictions.

Permanent Residence

For persons applying for Permanent Residence, you are demanded to:

  1. Have been fairly abiding in Belize for a minimum of 12 months at the time of submitting your operation. During this time you have not left the country for further than 14 days in total.
  2. You must prove to the Immigration Office that you have been and you will be suitable to continue being financially stable.
  3. You have not been condemned by a competent court in any country of a lawless offense for which you may have been liable to a judgment of imprisonment of twelve months or farther and have not entered a free remittal in respect of the offense.
  4. You may also be suitable to apply for Permanent Residence if you entered Belize as a minor (under the age of sixteen (16)). This applies whether you have been lawfully or unlawfully abiding in Belize for a period of at least ten (10) times.

Temporary Residence

Temporary Residence status is given for a period of only 12 months and becomes renewable at the end of that given period. For persons applying for Temporary Residence, you are demanded to show validation of investments in Belize valued at not lower than five hundred thousand Belize Dollars.

Payment System

Admission expenses plus shipping and handling charge (and fresh late correspondence charge if demanded) must be paid via funds order, certified cheques, bank drafts, or cash (in person) to the order of the Embassy of Belize. The Embassy can’t accept particular cheques.

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