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Belize: business opportunities

Belize - business

Belize has a different society that is composed of multitudinous societies and languages that reflects its rich history. Belize’s cornucopia of terrestrial and marine species and its diversity of ecosystems give it a vital place in the encyclopedically significant meso American natural corridor. It is the only continental-shelf Central American country that is a commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state.

It lies on the Caribbean coast of Northern Central America. It shares the border on the North with the Mexican state of Quintana R00. Belize is shaped rectangular that extends up to 280 kilometers.

The oscillating courses of rivers.

  • The Hondo.
  • The Sasrston conduit.

These define much of the course of the country’s Northern and Southern boundaries. The north of Belize consists mainly of flat, swampy coastal plains, which in these places it is heavily forested.

The south contains the low mountain range on the Maya mountains. The country boasts of a diverse rich collection of flora and fauna because of its unique position between North and South America and a wide range of climates and homes for plant and beast life.

What attracts investors in Belize

The free enterprises are being offered a conducive environment by the Belize government to enchant investments in Belize by both original and foreign investors. The conditions to qualify for the different impulses vary as do the investment impulses themselves.

  • Import duty immunity.
  • Duty holiday or a combination of both.

The government supports common adventure and cooperation investments as a favored medium; still, it also allows 100 percent foreign power of an enterprise.

Investment stimulus in Belize

  1. Trade agreements-Belize benefits from trade agreements with the developed countries.
  2. Under the Lomi (IV) convention, it has duty­ free access to the EU for certain goods for example sugar and bananas.
  3. Preferential market access to the Caribbean common request (CARICOM).
  4. Specific Belizean goods enter Canada without paying for duty.
  5. Unfair treatment from the U.S under the Caribbean Basin Initiative (C.B.I).

The Government of Belize’s Investment stimulus. The Belize government offers a number of stimuli to attract inward investment.

  1. Inspiring amalgamation with local institutions.
  2. Special impulses for retirees.
  3. 100 percent foreign power of land and company resources.


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Tax holidays

The tax holiday period shall generally be for a five-year duration from the date of the product, in addition, a company that is engaged in artificial products, mariculture. To import products in Belize free of import duty and revenue relief duty. E.g.

  • Some plants machinery.
  • Specialized tools.

Service and transport vehicles:

  • Office items.
  • Structure paraphernalia.
  • Extra spare part items for plants.
  • Plant-related ministry.
  • Institutions and fittings or other particulars for the sole use of the approved enterprise.

The export processing zones:

Belize’s EPZs offer substantial advantages to investors. Investors who take advantage of EPZs are constantly in the business of Husbandry.

  1. Distribution.
  2. Light production.
  3. Tourism.
  4. Mariculture.

Advantages of investing in Belize

The following reasons are advantages of investing in Belize:

  1. The occasion to open foreign currency bank accounts in Belize.
  2. Remittance duty exemption in perpetuity.
  3. Immunity from the supplies control Act and its regulation.
  4. An income duty holiday of twenty years with an option to extend and abate losses from earnings.
  5. Immunity from import and export duties as assessments on capital earnings, deals consumption, foreign exchange, and property and transfers.

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