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Opening bank account in Finland


Many people, before going to this country, are interested in solving an important question: how to open an account in Finland for a foreigner.

Opening a bank account in Finland by a foreigner

Opening an account in the EU is quite difficult. And that goes for Finland. The country is actively fighting money laundering. Therefore, any bank, before concluding an agreement, verifies the identity of the client.

It is important to provide evidence that the funds were legally acquired. Bank employees are guided by the current EU directives.

To open a bank account in Finland, a foreigner must meet the requirements of financial institutions, which include several points:

  • owning any real estate in the country;
  • opening your own business;
  • work under a contract;
  • study.

Features of opening a bank account in Finnish banks

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First of all, you need to choose a suitable bank. Today in Finland people most often turn to banks known all over the world:


It is the most famous Finnish bank providing a full range of banking services. Customer service is available via internet banking. Nordea is popular with residents and non-residents alike for its loyal customer relationship through various support programs.


It serves private and corporate clients throughout the country. It features increased registration requirements, but at the same time an impeccable level of security and confidentiality. It is characterized by favorable rates for deposit accounts.

Danske Bank

It is a popular traditional financial services bank in Finland. Among its clients, the organization is characterized by loyalty in lending to small and medium-sized businesses.


This bank is known in the country as the most loyal bank in issuing loans. It is characterized by low rates and impeccable quality of service.

According to many foreigners, the Finnish bank Nordea is considered the most inhospitable and picky. Against this background, the Osuuspankki credit institution looks much more loyal to foreign citizens.

Any currency is accepted to open an account in Finland. It is not at all necessary to convert it to Euro.

Documents for opening a Finnish bank account 

To open a bank account in a Finnish bank, a foreign citizen must submit several documents for verification:

  • Passport issued in the country of primary residence;
  • Reliable information about living in Finland;
  • The purpose of opening an account;
  • Information about the activities carried out in the country (study, work);
  • A document issued by the country where the foreign citizen is a taxpayer;
  • Information about how the invested money will turnover;
  • Information about the origin of cash. 

It is provided if the invested amount is more than 4000 – 5000 Euros. The certificate of sale of real estate, wages, etc. can be the proof.

  • Valid Visa.

It is allowed to make documents in one of the languages:

  • Finnish;
  • English;
  • Swedish.

Correctly completed documents are submitted for consideration. Two weeks later, the bank informs the foreign citizen of its decision. This can be a phone call or a written message.

How Finnish banks work with foreigners

How can a foreigner open an account in Finland if he has planned, for example, to buy real estate in Finland?

To implement this plan, you need to contact the bank. Finland’s credit institutions never open a long-term deposit. In other words, it will be possible to open an account if there is already a contract for the sale of any real estate.

A foreign citizen, opening an account, must replenish it, and only in cash. To confirm the legality of the origin of the invested money, you will need to fill out a special form. Proof of legality can be:

  • part of the salary paid by a certain company (the country in which taxes are paid is indicated);
  • receiving an inheritance;
  • personal savings;
  • property for sale.

The bank may ask to provide copies of documents that fully confirm the origin of the funds. In addition, in some cases, Finnish credit organizations require these documents to be translated into Finnish and certified by a notary.

This rule does not apply to all banks. Sometimes translation is not required. To avoid complications in advance, you need to clarify the requirements of a specific bank.

Many foreigners point out that Finnish banks can be equated with financial institutions that provide the highest level of customer service. By opening a deposit, a foreign citizen receives an additional large number of bonuses:

  • opening of various cards;
  • Internet banking;
  • cheap service.

The only drawback is the low-interest rates of the savings deposit. These rules are valid in all European countries.

If you adhere to all the above rules, you can open a cash deposit in Finland. Of course, this procedure has its negative and positive sides. Before finally deciding to open an account, you must take into account all the formalities that you will have to face.

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