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Applying for a visa to Lithuania – full guide

The Republic of Lithuania is situated in northern-eastern Europe. It has an area of 65,301 km2 and a populace of 2,800,667 occupants. Vilnius is its biggest city and capital, as well as home to a fourth of the all-out populace of Lithuania. It is a social spot, working with fairs, festivities, and event events including the Vilnius Christmas Market, which attracts visitors from wherever on the planet. If you are a non-EU/EEA occupant, you will require a visa to visit Lithuania. A visa permits you to visit Lithuania for an expedient visit, study, or work. Before beginning the visa application process, you ought to check what is vital ahead of time and where you should go to apply for the Lithuanian visa.

Lithuania landscape

Where can a Lithuanian visa be obtained

You can apply for a visa and set up an arrangement at:

  • Your nearby Lithuanian embassy or department.
  • Your Neighbouring the country’s Lithuanian government office or department.
  • A third-party application site through which Lithuania permits visa applications.

A step-by-step guide to applying for a Lithuanian visa

If you are not a citizen of the EU or the EEA, you will need a visa to visit Lithuania. A visa allows you to visit Lithuania for a quick expedition, study, or work. Before beginning the visa application process, you ought to check what is vital ahead of time and where you should go to apply for the Lithuanian visa.

Instructions to apply for a Lithuania Visa

To apply for a Lithuania visa, you should:

Go to the migration office site

You are encouraged to apply online as it is a quicker and simpler choice to begin your visa application process. In the first place, check with a local government office or department to see whether a web-based application is accessible in your country.

Fill in the application structure

The structure should be finished and it shouldn’t contain any absent or inaccurate data.

To print the application, If you’re qualified for a web-based application, you should print out and sign the application structure before submitting it

Gather the expected documents 

Documents, for example, your identification proof report, photographs of yourself, fingerprints, and different records should be submitted together.


After completing the application interaction on the web, you should apply to the Latvian government office and sit tight for a response.

Processing  time for a Lithuania Visa

The processing time for a Lithuanian visa takes around fourteen to fifteen days to process. The waiting time might be stretched out to 45 days assuming your application is incomplete. The cycle is important to check your application completely so you can visit Lithuania lawfully and without any concerns.

Additional documents needed to support your purpose of entry to Lithuania 

Depending on the reason for your trip to Lithuania, you will need to submit additional documents to the Lithuanian embassy or consulate. Find the extra Lithuania visa prerequisites given your purpose for heading out to Lithuania.

Lithuania airport travel visa prerequisites

Assuming that you want to land at one of the Lithuanian air terminals, for the sole reason of taking another flight that will take you to your non-Schengen objective country. Then, at that point, you should apply for a Lithuania air terminal travel visa

Lithuania business visa prerequisites

If you intend to go to Lithuania to take part in business-related exercises, then, at that point, you should get a Lithuanian business visa.

Expected documents  for a business Schengen visa to Lithuania

While applying to get a Lithuanian Business visa, you should give the accompanying extra records:

  • Invitation letter from the Lithuanian organisation you will visit and their address.
  • A note from your company. In this letter ought to be expressed why you will travel to Lithuania.
  • Confirmation of the Organization’s action.
  • A copy of the business’s Chamber of Commerce registry, and an activity certificate.
  • Confirmation of outing support. Concerning the candidate’s costs during their visit to Lithuania.

Either the business or the accomplice organization should state the inclusion of costs on the letter or greeting.

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