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Applying for a visa to Bulgaria – full guide

Several nationalities, including those from the Schengen district, the US, Australia, and Canada, are qualified to visit Bulgaria without a visa for brief stays.  Residents of countries that are not on the rundown need a visa (pass). Kids younger than six are excluded from the requirement for a visa while going to Bulgaria, regardless of their nationality.

Bulgaria landscape

Bulgarian visa types

Bulgaria visas, like Schengen visas, are classified into three types:

Airport transit visa

As the name implies, the Bulgaria Transit Visa enables the bearer to transit through a Bulgarian airport on their route to another location. The pass does not permit the holder to leave the airport or enter Bulgaria. The Bulgaria airport transit pass is valid for one or two entries. In rare cases, it may be provided for repeated entries with a three-month validity period.

Short-term visit visa

Bulgaria short-stay visa (Visa C) is given for stays of up to 90 days within six months for tourism, business, and personal visits. This sort of pass is generally only valid for one entrance. You may be granted a multiple-entry short-stay Bulgarian pass valid for up to one year if:

  • You are going for business.
  • You are a relative of a Bulgarian/EU/EEA citizen.
  • You are a relative of a Bulgarian permanent resident.

You may also get a Bulgaria short-stay visa for transit reasons if you are passing through the Republic of Bulgaria on your route to another country. If you hold a transit Bulgaria pass, you may only remain in the country for two days. It is normally provided for a single or double entry and has a 12-month validity period. At the discretion of the Bulgarian embassy or consulate, you may be eligible to get a multiple-entry short-stay transit pass.

Long-term visit visa

Bulgaria’s long-term Visa D is for foreigners planning to stay in Bulgaria for an extended period, such as for work, study, or retirement. It’s valid for one year and allows multiple entries into the country.

Visa requirements for Bulgaria

When applying for a Bulgaria pass, you must provide numerous papers, including:

  • Bulgaria visa application form, completed and signed in typed letters.
  • Your passport/travel document with at least two vacant pages.
  • Photocopies of your passport’s information page, as well as any prior visas.
  • Photocopies of any other authorization to be in a foreign country (if applicable).
  • A current passport-size photograph of yourself, following Bulgaria visa photo criteria.
  • Itinerary/flight ticket.
  • Proof of travel insurance for the length of your stay of at least €30,000.
  • Hotel reservation or evidence of another kind of lodging.
  • Evidence of the trip’s purpose.
  • Proof of sustaining financial resources. 
  • Police clearance certificate (if required).
  • Documents must be legalized (either with an Apostille stamp or otherwise).

Additional requirements

Specific visa classes may have additional requirements.

Student visa

In addition to the criteria listed above, you must have the following papers when applying for a Bulgaria student pass:

  • Acceptance Certificate provided by the Ministry of Education Bulgaria (original).
  • Academic transcripts/certificates in original form.
  • Travel insurance from your nation.
  • Proof of Bulgarian private health insurance.
  • Proof of paid tuition.
  • Your nation of residence’s police clearance or past convictions certificate.
  • Student proof of financial resources.

Bulgaria’s work permit requirements

If you wish to apply for a Bulgaria work pass, you should initially get a work license from your Bulgarian employer. Your employer should apply to the Bulgarian Employment Agency for a work license by giving the accompanying documents:

  • A form for requesting a work permit.
  • Proof of Bulgarian private health insurance.
  • Travel insurance from your nation.
  • Your nation of residence’s police clearance or past convictions certificate.
  • A letter stating why the request is being made.
  • The employment agreement.
  • A copy of your passport that is valid for at least another 7 months.
  • Three passport-size photographs of yourself.
  • A certified copy of your employer’s registration paperwork or identification number.
  • Documents about your educational history, abilities, credentials, past job experience, and so forth.
  • Any extra documentation about your work.

How to obtain a Bulgarian visa

To gain a Bulgaria pass, you should apply in person at a Bulgarian consulate or embassy no less than 90 days ahead of time. Contact the embassy/consulate (ideally one in your nation of origin) to enquire about application time spans, prerequisites, and arrangements. Fill up and sign the Bulgaria Visa Application Form. Your name ought to be written in Latin characters. The rest of the application structure should be finished in English or Bulgarian. Gather the necessary paperwork and submit the application form and accompanying documentation to a Bulgaria consulate or embassy. Applications for minors or adults who are unable to submit their applications must be filed on their behalf by a legal representative or someone authorized to do so.

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