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Singapore: 5 places to visit


The sights of Singapore attract fans of oriental flavor, culture, pristine nature of the tropics, and historical monuments that demonstrate the former power of the British colonies. Against the background of the complexities of antique cultures, customs, religions, there is something to see in Singapore and among the modern attractions – huge skyscrapers, multi-level road junctions, the latest entertainment complexes, fountains with unusual illumination, modern parks make an extraordinary contrast with ancient monuments.

1. Changi Airport

The best attractions are mostly concentrated in the capital of Singapore and its surrounding environs, and if you choose what to see in Singapore in 1 day, the first thing to do is to go to its capital. Changi annually passes through a colossal number of passengers – more than 50 million, has a modern infrastructure, thought out to the smallest detail, and includes 4 large terminals.

bridge in airport

Visitors note the well-coordinated and accurate, like clockwork, work of the staff, the highest level of service, a large number of shops, catering establishments, as well as spa complexes, cinemas, museums, and catering establishments on the territory of the airport terminal.

2. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

A trip to Singapore should include a visit to the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel if you are looking for what to see in Singapore to get the most out of your experience. In addition to the hotel rooms themselves, there is everything to usefully spend your time: a casino, conference rooms, a sky bar with an incredible panorama of the city, a gorgeous swimming pool, a huge shopping center. The hotel building has a unique design – three high-rise towers are united by a single roof platform in the shape of a large ship.

group of people at the swimming pool under white clouds

3. Sentosa Island

Wonderful view of the sea and white sand of the beach of Sentosa island. A trip to Singapore cannot do without a trip to Sentosa Island – a small tropical island, the tourist infrastructure on which began to develop not so long ago – in the 70s of the last century.

For several decades, Sentosa has made an amazing transformation from an eerie and gloomy place, as it was during the Second World War, to a fabulous holiday island, with a lot of attractions and interesting places. Water parks, numerous attractions, and entertainment, upscale hotels – all this is open to guests on Sentosa Island.

4. Clar Key Embankment

Choosing where to go in Singapore for a stroll and relaxation, you should carve out the evening time to visit the Clar Key waterfront. Today it is the most popular vacation spot in the city, and even a century and a half ago it was a bustling marina.

Any tourist and local will gladly take an evening walk along the embankment, where a fresh breeze from the sea brings a pleasant coolness, and thousands of lights flicker everywhere from shop windows, signage of restaurants, and nightclubs. A visit to local souvenir shops will result in new acquisitions of the country’s symbolic attributes.

5. Bukit-Timah

At the highest point of Singapore, on a hill 163 meters high, there is a small reserve Bukit Timah. On its territory, there is a Botanical Garden with exotic plants and a picturesque park – a wonderful quiet recreation area equipped with stairs, bridges, paths, and benches. Here you can take beautiful photos, walk by one of the three lakes. About 160 species of animals have found shelter on the territory of the reserve, including monkeys, which have become practically tame here.

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