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Uzbekistan: employment visa

Flag of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the most inhabited nation in Central Asia. Since the 1970s, its population has further doubled. The most recent estimates put the total population at 27 million, and the share of the population progressed by 0 – 14 dropping from 45 million of the total population in 1970 to 33.2 million in 2005. The share of the population that progressed over 65 years had reached 4.7 million in 2005 in Uzbekistan. Pressures on the healthcare system from a growing population (which also arises in various countries of Western Europe) are not yet apparent.

How to apply

The operation for an Uzbek employment visa at the Embassy/Consulate is in two ways:

  1. First, you need a guarantor in Uzbekistan to get visa evidence on your behalf at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The letter of evidence is the most important part of the operation process. Your guarantor can be the person or association/ company inviting you to Uzbekistan or an authorized travel agency.
  2. Upon getting the letter of evidence, you can apply for the visa at the Embassy/ Consulate. You can apply in person or by post, depending on the conditions of the specific consular office. Find the consular service operations of Uzbekistan then.

Documents Needed for Uzbekistan Visa Application

When your guarantor applies for visa evidence, they’ve to submit the following documents:

  • Uzbekistan Visa Application Form.
  • Still, the form must be published on the company’s letterhead, If an association/ company is inviting you.
  • Completed electronic visa form. Accessible then. This isn’t the same as the eVisa.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your airline ticket (if arriving at Tashkent airfield).
  • If the guarantor is an individual.
  • Copy of the host’s passport.
  • Evidence of relationship with the guest.
  • If the guarantor is a company/ association.
  • Copy of the passport of the head of the company or the authorized person submitting the operation.
  • License and document of the company/ association.
  • A duplicate of the “Power of Attorney” for the authorized person.
  •  Guest’s employment document.

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Who can apply

Before a foreign individual can apply for a permit to work in Uzbekistan, the employer will need to get a Commercial Work License. This license is generally valid for six months to 12 months, and it allows the company to hire a fixed number of foreign citizens.

They must also demonstrate that it’s necessary to outsource the job to a foreign worker. To do so, they’ll need to initiate a regional market search to determine whether there are any eligible job campaigners in Uzbekistan to fill the position. Once the employer establishes the need for a foreign hire, the prospective director can begin the visa operation process.

To get a type E work visa, foreign citizens should visit the Uzbek delegacy or consulate in their country of residency to submit an operation. Foreign citizens should also apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Labor in Uzbekistan. Aspirants should stay in their country of residency for the visa operation to be approved by the applicable officers.

Upon verification of a work visa, foreign citizens have up to 30 days to travel to Uzbekistan. It is only sustainable for a single entry. After arriving in Uzbekistan, foreign citizens must visit the original police station to register their address. Once they’ve registered their address and attained their work permit, foreign workers can begin working in Uzbekistan.

Other Important Considerations

Processing times can vary for Uzbek work permit operations, so you and your workers should plan ahead and apply well in advance. It can take two to three months from the time the worker submitted the application.

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