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UAE: best universities for immigrants

UAE - Dubai

More notably, there are 116 colleges, including three national universities and 30 foreign academics from throughout the globe. Most foreign institutions are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, other cities, such as Sharjah, also feature prestigious universities.

The United Arab Emirates is composed of seven emirates governed by a High Court of Rulers, a kind of federalism composed of the seven emirates’ rulers. When oil was discovered in the UAE in the mid-twentieth century, the country’s GDP experienced a substantial transformation. The UAE boasts a strong fuel and petroleum exporting business, a quickly rising manufacturing market, and a rising tourism economy. Dubai, for example, has some of the unique contemporary architectural styles, which have become visitor traps.

The United Arab Emirates is currently recognized as youthful and energetic, with a diverse population, a welcoming society, political stability, financial prosperity, secure surroundings, and cultural acceptance. Here are a few of factors why you should choose the university in UAE for your higher studies:

  • Arabs have been recognized for their friendliness, regard for culture, and wits. They embrace people from all over the globe and enlighten them about their traditions. 
  • Students who study in the UAE will have the opportunity to visit all seven emirates. Each emirate has its own set of regulations, traditions, and history, as well as a ruler known as a Sheikh.
  • From minor private schools to major state universities, the UAE offers diverse studying overseas options. Most of these have been accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) or other nations’ accrediting agencies.

Best Universities in UAE

You can study in the UAE as an expat student or a touring student with straight admission through a third-party source. You can study abroad for a term or a year or even do an internship before returning to your home. 

Following are the top universities you should consider if you are planning to study in UAE: 

The University of Sharjah

This institution was founded in 1997 by Sharjah’s Ruler, Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. In the global QS ratings, it is ranked 651-700th and 19th in the Uae. The institution was established to become a famous educational university in the Middle East and around the planet. The University of Sharjah comprises 14 faculties that offer 94 bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., and certificate degrees.

It also provides a wide range of programs and resources to ensure that its pupils live a balanced life and flourish in a pleasant educational atmosphere where they can discover key ideas, form interpersonal bonds, and grow academically. Undergrads of Sharjah are encouraged to rely on their abilities and have a good influence on their environment.

University of the United Arab Emirates 

The United Arab Emirates University is rated sixth in the Middle East, in the 411-420 range of worldwide ratings. It is situated in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi’s capital, and has the reputation of becoming the nation’s earliest institution, even though it was formed in 1976.

The United Arab Emirates University graduates comprise a handful of famed rulers in commercial enterprise and political life. Nutrition and Farming, Philosophy and Behavioral Studies, Pharmacy and Medical Disciplines, Commerce and Finance, Information Technology, Legislation, and Technology are among the nine faculties that make up the United Arab Emirates University.

Khalifa University

This university is a component of a state effort and is situated in Abu Dhabi. There are now roughly 1,500 pupils in the institution, and projects are in the works for an additional college that will raise the total number of pupils to 6,000. Khalifa University is modeled after the Us system of high schooling. It establishes a worldwide system of collaborators, scientific programs, and academic employees to promote and advance technology and development in the UAE and its surroundings.

Khalifa University, which has branches in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, aspires to be a globally known scientific institution. It also aspires to provide multidisciplinary education and learning and establish a legacy of collaborating with prestigious educational organizations around the globe.

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