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Tourism in Germany


Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is also the largest city that possibly has the most cosmopolitan feeling to it from all of Germany’s cities. It is a beloved city in Europe and all around the world for its avant-garde art, architecture, museums, history, and nightlife.

If you find yourself in Berlin, make sure to visit some of the most iconic structures like the TV tower, government building, and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. These structures have become the iconic face of Berlin and even Germany.


bird's-eye view photography of houses

Munich is the capital of Bavaria. Located near the Alps – it is like a gateway to visit in a different part of Germany. The people here have their own accent, traditions, and history. They consider themselves first Bavarian and only then German.

Visiting Munich comes with the possibility of seeing one of the most known traditions in Germany – Oktoberfest. Here you will see a true Bavarian spirit with all the traditional clothing, food, and world-class beer.


aerial photography of city during daytime

Frankfurt is a major travel hub in Germany thanks to its International Airport. Many choose to pass right through, but Frankfurt is worth stopping for.

It was largely destroyed in World War II and rebuild to emerge as a new and modern city. It has a financial city with surrounding skyscrapers making up a stunning skyline enriched with the view of the Main River.

If you are craving to experience something more traditional, you can head to the recreated city center. There you will find quaint half-timbered houses and the City Hall that dates back to 1405.


The capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – the beautiful city Schwerin is located in the northeast of Germany. This is one of the cities that often gets overlooked in the shadow of larger cities like Germany and Hamburg. However, it has something special to offer.

One of Schwerin’s most beautiful features is the Schwerin Palace. Being 1000 years old, this palace houses the state parliament.  When you visit Schwerin it is recommended to visit the seven lakes that are located nearby the city.


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Cologne is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. It’s impressive cathedral’s twin spires tower above the historic city that is home to many medieval churches and trendy neighborhoods.

You will find many great museums telling the history of one of Germany’s oldest cities – Cologne. You should consider taking a stroll along the shores of the Rhine River and through the old town to experience the true feeling of Cologne.


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Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany. Since the Middle Ages, it has welcomed all people to trade in its bustling port. The harsh contrast between the old and new buildings serves as a signature style of Hamburg.

You will find the maritime identity all over the city as the port and the Elbe River still play a large part in everyday life here. There are more bridges than in Venice and Amsterdam combined since several waterways run through the heart of Hamburg.


cityscape at night

Dresden is well-known for its baroque architecture and famous art pieces. Its picturesque landmarks have been successfully rebuilt to their full glory after they were severely destroyed during World War II.

To visit the most iconic landmarks in Dresden, include the Church of Our Lady, royal Zwinger Palace, and Procession of Princes – the largest porcelain mural in the world.



photo of city buildings during daytime

If you are looking for a city to experience the original old-world charm – Heidelberg is the city to head to. It is one of the few German cities that wasn’t destroyed during World War II. Due to this, Heidelberg is filled with narrow cobblestone streets surrounding the baroque city center.

It is the perfect place to experience romanticism with the class of the 18th century. You can visit the Old Bridge crossing the Neckar River, ruins of the Heidelberg castle and many more inspiring places.


Located not far from Hamburg and Bremen, Hannover has a more slow-paced life. It has lots of great museums, culture, and museums to visit. Lush parks are located all over the beautiful city with the royal Herrenhauser Garden being the most popular one among tourists and locals.

If you are in Hannover, then you must visit the New Town Hall. Built-in the 20th century it is stunning both from the outside and from the inside.


lighted city buildings and streets during night time

Freiburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany. On top of that is gets the most sunlight and offers a wonderful experience enriched with culture and history you must experience.

Its picturesque streets are filled with traditional food, local breweries, and cafes. The highlight of this city is the historic city center with the 116-meter tall gothic tower of its cathedral. You will be welcomed by locals here and the overall vibe of this city will leave you feeling warm and rested.


Germany has many historic and modern cities that offer plenty of emotions, experiences and a good time for its visitors.

We have looked at the most beautiful cities in Germany filled with history, culture, and charm. From glorious medieval cities to metropolitan cities bursting with life, Germany has it all.

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