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Top most popular Jobs to immigrate in Canada

One way to move to live in Canada is to immigrate via Express Entry Canada. It is an economic immigration program through which the government of Canada attracts talented professionals from abroad to the country. It is how Canada fights labor shortages and develops the national economy. Potential immigrants need to understand whether there is a demand for their knowledge and skills in Canada. In this article, based on requests from Canadian employers, we have selected the top professions that will be in demand in Canada in 2021.

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Most in-demand skilled jobs in Canada in 2021

According to a Canadian job search site, Job Bank, the following jobs are the most popular jobs to immigrate in Canada: 

Sales Representative

Salary: $ 52,000 to $ 64,000

8,632 vacancies at Job Bank

A decent sales representative is the guarantor of effective sales. That is why this profession is the most in-demand in Canada in 2021. Job Bank, a Canadian job search site, has posted over 8,000 job openings for sales representatives, both in B2C and B2B. Employers are willing to pay industry professionals a base salary of $ 64,000, plus bonuses.

Software engineer

Salary: $ 83,000 to $ 99,000

4,067 vacancies at Job Bank

Only progressive companies that generate and innovate can succeed in today’s competitive environment. All of this is possible when an experienced software engineer takes over. That is why Canadian companies are trying to attract the best talent in the industry.

IT project manager

Salary: $ 92,000 to $ 114,000

1,989 jobs on Job Bank

IT project managers always keep company management up to date with innovations. At the same time, they are responsible for the execution time of specific projects, the work of employees, and finances. A company that employs a good IT project manager always keeps up with the times and gets better by introducing innovations into its activities.

Business analyst

Salary: $ 73,000 to $ 87,000

1,080 jobs on Job Bank

A business analyst should constantly be looking for ways to make business management more efficient and easier. To do this, he needs innovative thinking and the ability to manage financial resources. Large companies may require the services of several business analysts to keep all areas of their activities under control.


Salary: $ 63,000 to $ 75,000

720 vacancies on Job Bank

The larger the company, the more competent an accountant it needs, which is why this profession is the second most in-demand in Canada in 2021. The main task of an accountant is to ensure that clients pay taxes on time. Also, an accountant helps businesses and individuals to manage their accounts. Demand remains traditionally high for Certified Public Accountants who have earned the title of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Other popular professions in Canada in 2021

In Canada there are other jobs that are very popular among foreigners. Here are some of them:

Medical guardian

There is a national aging phenomenon in Canada, and the country needs more healthcare workers to care for the elderly.

Jobs available: 139,700

Provinces with the highest demand: All except Nunavut

Average rate per hour: 36 CAD (23.5 euros)

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Truck driver

The territory of Canada is huge, so it is very difficult to deliver food throughout the country. Without truckers, Canada’s economy would collapse, and many Canadians would be left without food or clothing. Now fewer young people choose this profession. Canada is expected to need 27,000 truckers in the coming years.

Jobs available: 135,900;

Provinces with the highest demand: New Brunswick, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba,  Ontario, Yukon and Quebec;

Average rate per hour: 21 CAD (13.7 euros);

Requirements: Driving license of the corresponding category, professional training.


Canada lacks about 6,000 educators. Teachers are needed in specialized schools, general education,and in vocational schools. Depending on the program you will be teaching, the institution may require you to have a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

Jobs available: 57 100;

Provinces with the highest demand: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Yukon;

Average rate per hour: 35 CAD (22.8 euros);

Requirements: From recommendation to master’s degree.

Business Management Consultant

Canada is a country with a developed economy and excellent conditions for doing business. More and more entrepreneurs start their businesses or expand existing companies. The business management consultant’s job is to help the firm adjust to changes in the business environment. Having a college degree will be an advantage, but your skills and experience are important to employers.

Jobs available: 49 300;

Provinces with the highest demand: British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon;

Average rate per hour: 34.62 CAD (22.6 euros);

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or business reputation and experience in the field.


Construction is developing in Canada, therefore welders are in need here. If you have the skills in FCAW and SMAW and you know how to meet deadlines, then finding a job in your specialty in Canada will be very easy.

Jobs available: 30 800;

Provinces with the highest demand: Nova Scotia;

Average rate per hour: CAD 24 (15.6 euros);

Requirements: Certificate of completion of the relevant preparatory program.

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