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Tips to finding student accommodation in Paris

Paris attracts not only tourists from all over the world but also those who want to work or study here. Accommodation conditions in hotels do not always meet the requirements of visitors with the level of service and cost. In such situations, rental housing can help out, allowing you to save money and find comfortable conditions.

There is no shortage of proposals: renting an apartment in Paris is not difficult. It is crucial to know and obey all the rules for tenants, regulated by the regional authorities, they control the pricing in the very peculiar Parisian real estate market. In search of a suitable rental housing option, you need to prepare for certain nuances.

Mandatory documents

The owners of apartments for rent, before concluding a lease agreement for long-term or daily rent, usually require a fairly voluminous package of official papers that guarantee the tenant’s solvency and seriousness of intentions. Moreover, to rent a house in Paris, you need to collect this dossier yourself. It should include:

  • a photocopy of the passport with a residence permit;
  • information on income for the last 3 months (bulletins de salaire)
  • a duplicate of the employment contract (contrat de travail);
  • a check on the calculation of taxes within the last 3 months (avis d’imposition);
  • bank deposit details (RIB);
  • proof of payment for previous housing.

The bank in which the account is opened can also act as a guarantor. This requires a positive balance and regular replenishment of the deposit. Most often, customer service managers are silent about such a service, but they cannot refuse to provide a package of papers consisting of an application from a bank representative, account details, and a certificate certifying the type of occupation (employment agreement or student ID).

If you come to Paris for a short time and tourism, you do not need to worry so much, it is more comfortable to rent an apartment on Airbnb. This is a site where locals rent out their homes. You pay money for the service itself, as when booking hotels, no additional reports and certificates are needed.

Housing rental methods

If you are searching to rent a house for a long time, then services like Airbnb will no longer work. Renting an apartment in the French capital can be carried out independently or through a special company. In the state of individual selection, money is saved, but it will take a lot of energy and time to find housing in Paris on the websites of companies specializing in renting apartments or among personal advertising posts and keep it among many competitors, especially if the apartment is required for a long time.

In this case, knowledge of French will come in handy to find out how much a one-room apartment costs. Saving on agency assistance can cause unnecessary inconvenience due to ignorance of local specifics and the simplest rules, although this is an acceptable option for a week or a day. However, companies are also advised to choose proven ones that will help find accommodation in Paris. Homeowners also often try to execute transactions directly, without intermediaries.

One of the important nuances when making an agreement, which allows you to save nerves and money, is an examination of the home with a written statement of all faults and damages so that later you do not have to pay for the smallest defects caused by previous tenants.

In France, there is a formed system of social support, which is opposed by many deputies due to the unprofitableness for the country’s economy. However, it can be used depending on the level of wealth, housing prices, the position of the tenant, and other features. To get state benefits, you must fill out a questionnaire on the website of the state social security responsible for paying subsidies, and, after printing it, send it through the postal service with personal data.

Features of the lease

Usually, homeowners request a security deposit of several hundred euros upon arrival as a security deposit. This amount can be returned in full if the apartment does not suffer from the presence of guests.

When booking a home on Airbnb, the security amount will be blocked on the deposit for 2 days after departure and will be returned to the owner of the apartment if it is not damaged. Besides, there is a multi-risk insurance service that covers losses in extreme situations. A dilemma for a foreign student who wants to arrange a lease without intermediaries may be the owner’s condition to find a guarantor in the person of a Frenchman.

When choosing an apartment location, it is necessary to take into account the availability of vehicles and the presence of nearby trade enterprises. Without public transport, it will be hard to get to the place of work and study. And the essentials are almost always required from the very first days of settlement. When concluding a contract for the reservation of a dwelling for a short period, it is necessary to clarify whether the apartment in Paris is equipped with bedding and towels.

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