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Tajikistan: best universities for expats

Flag of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a country with the highest peaks, the most intense mountains, and the most furious rivers, as well as lakes of unparalleled beauty, unusual vegetation, and rare wildlife. Tajikistan’s universities and linguistic high schools offer foreign students, not just a high-quality education, but also the crucial experience of living in a new cultural milieu.

Foreign people interested in pursuing higher education in the country should be well-versed with the leading universities, as well as the resources and programs they offer. In this article, we’ve compiled a brief list of the best universities in Tajikistan for ex-pat students.

Tajikistan National University

TNU is the Republic of Tajikistan’s national academia, situated in Dushanbe. TNU was founded in 1947. There are 17 departments within the institution, as well as publications, a research library, and a botanical park. Graduates from the TNU hold positions in the highest levels of government. There are famous scientists – professors and members of the Republic of Tajikistan’s Academy of Sciences – among the graduates.

Tajik State Medical University

Medical, dentistry, pharmacological, and public health are among its four divisions. There are around 7,500 students at TSMU, including 475 international students from 15 countries. TSMU graduates work not only in the country but as well as in more than 40 other countries throughout the world.

Russian-Tajik Slavonic University

Law, finance, literary studies, history, foreign diplomacy, and linguistics are among the academe’s five departments. Its International Relations Department (IRD) organizes and coordinates RTSU’s foreign activities. The goal is to make links with institutions throughout the world at various levels to build a web of international partnerships. There is also an international language center, which trains Chinese language specialists, primarily for work as translators.

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Tajik Technical University

Every year, the Tajik Technical institute teaches 55 areas on a state-funded and contract premise. Electricity, Architectural style, Sector of Travel Administration and Transportation Construction, Chemical and Steelmaking Techniques, and Engineering and Business Maintenance are the eight departments that make up the institution. The academia has collaborated with several international universities.

Technology University of Tajikistan

Since its establishment, this Technological institute has contributed to the education of professionals in the fields of light and agricultural products, telecommunications, advertising, and global economic connections. A chain of specialized high schools and other academic entities is also part of TUT.

The university has close links with important research institutes, CIS institutions, and overseas universities. Training in scientific institutes in foreign and CIS countries helps university professors develop their skills.

Tajik State University Of Commerce

TGUK is a coeducational higher education school that is formally recognized by the Department of Education and Research. TGUK provides classes and programs in a variety of fields that lead to internationally recognized higher education certificates.

Students can use TGUK’s academic and non-academic tools and systems, which include laboratory and administration solutions. Financial management, as well as the economics of novel technologies, law, trade, and customs, are among its faculties.

Khatlon State Medical University

The country’s Khatlon State Medical is a state institution of higher education. It was founded in 1939 in Dushanbe and is named after Avicenna. The Health Ministry is in charge of it.

KSMU is a well-known public college with 19 renowned departments and a pharmaceutical specialization. The institution’s graduates work in some of the country’s most prestigious medical institutes. An applicant must have passed the 10+2 exam with a least 50% -60% in physics, chemistry, and mathematics to be eligible to enroll here.

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