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The strongest passport in the world

The evaluations of the Passport Index can determent if the passport is strong enough to safely and conveniently travel to any world country.

Passport ranking is based on number of countries the person can travel to without obtaining a visa or applying to entry the country. The following article is based on Global Passport Power Rank 2019 and reveals the strongest passport holder countries in the world.

The best thing of the strong passport rank is that traveling is very easy and care free. The business trips are a piece of cake to do and worries about the institutions are in the past.

There are some countries that hold a higher rank than others. Reason for this might be very different – political, economic, historical, cultural, etc. The countries in the low rank are usually with worst conditions, like war and poverty. This means that countries don’t prioritize development rather than war and building mobility stays as the last priority.

On the other hand, countries that score highest mean that the development and overall well-being of these country residents is key, therefore, the prioritization of resident mobility, option to travel and work abroad, take trips and be citizens of the world is key for countries inclusion into global scale.

Power of the passport can be changed and improved as the many countries strive to grow their rankings. This has been true for United Arab Emirates that have grown. In year 2018 the strongest passport was held by Japan, followed by Singapore and Germany. In year 2017 the strongest passport was held by Singapore. As seen, rankings change every year, some countries stay strong, some lose their place in the highest ranking places, but overall, mobility is growing.

The strongest passport in the world

The strongest passport in the world is United Arab Emirates passport. Ranking of this passport is 117 countries in the world to be visited visa-free, 59 countries to obtain visa when arrived to the country and only 22 countries that United Arab Emirates passport holder should worry about a visa.

United Arab Emirates passport can lead their holder in more than 88 percent of world’s countries. This rank is previously unseen and country has been working towards this goal. Just in year 2015 UAE has only 122 countries that can be traveled to, in year 2019 the country list has increased to 176.

This urge to raise the mobility to their residents has been inspiring other countries to raise awareness and push the rank higher. The goal with this kind of actions is to make a stronger appearance as a nation in global scale, showing the prioritization of growth and development.

This will be an ongoing trend to higher the ranking and develop the mobility practices to a lot of countries.

Second strongest passport rank

The passport of Finland, Luxembourg and Spain is ranked as the second strongest passports. Finland and Luxembourg can travel to 127 countries without even making a visa, 41 with the visa gotten on arrival to the country and 30 where visa is required. Spain has the option to travel to 125 countries visa free and have 43 countries with visa at arrival time and 30 countries to have the visa specially made.

Third passport power rank

There are also many countries that rank as third in passport index. The countries that can visit 127 countries in the world without needing a visa are Denmark and Italy. They also can get visa with arrival at 40 countries and 31 countries in which they need to get and form a visa.

The country’s passports that can get to 125 to 124 countries visa-free are Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Portugal. Traveling to 123 to 117 countries visa-free is also for the passports of Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Ireland and United States of America.

Other strong passports

Other strong ranking passports are Sweden and Singapore with 127 countries to be visited without visa. France with 126 countries that can be visited without obtaining visa and 40 countries to can be visited with visa made at arrival. Belgium, Malta, Greece and Norway are ranked in the number 4 range.

The weakest passport holders 

The weakest passports are to the countries like Afghanistan with only 5 countries that can be visited without obtaining a visa. Iraq and Syria are also in the lowest rank of 93 that allows visiting 7 to 9 countries and for the rest of them it is obligatory to get a visa.

Passport and its impact on the holder is big, as there is not a chance to travel to many countries without the documentation check. Therefore the passport rank is genuinely important in the work environment, international trade and other areas.

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