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Russia: 10 things to do in Moscow

Each traveler can find something in Russia: both a diverse nature, ancient cities, and beautiful architecture, and cultural features.

Moscow is the heart and the capital of this huge country. Many things need to be done in Moscow to understand and love this city. For you, we have prepared a list of 10 main things that each confusion must do while in Moscow.

Go down in the metro

The whole world knows about the Moscow metro. Old stations are free public museums for which you can walk. Plus, moving to Moscow on the subway is more convenient and faster.

Be sure to visit the luxury station “Komsomolskaya”. It was designed by the same architect Shusov. It was he who worked on the project of Mausoleum. This station is considered the most parade, lush and solemn – being here, you can feel yourself not in the subway, but a palace.

Drown at the Novoslobodskaya station and inspect local stained glass windows. There is 32 stained glass in total here. What is interesting – they are taken from the Cathedral, which is in Riga.

Another famous station is “Kievskaya”. Its hall is also decorated luxurious – majestic columns are lined with marble, and above them are frescoes framed by stucco.

Visit Red Square

Another important point of any guest of the capital is the Red Square. Even if you do not like banal sights, visiting the heart of Moscow must be necessary. You can walk around the square, take a photo for memory, go to GUM, and admire Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

brown and white concrete building

Go to the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane

Even if you do not particularly understand art, in the Tretyakov Gallery, which is located in Lavrushinsky Lane, you will enjoy it. Here are some of the most famous paintings written from the beginning of the 19th century. Take the audio guide or join one of the excursions and find out the amazing story of the famous work of Shishkin Morning in a Pine Forest and many others.

woman standing facing two black wooden framed paintings inside room

Plunge into the theatrical life of Moscow

If there is time, then be sure to buy tickets to the theater. If you prefer the classics then feel free to go to the Moscow Art Theater named after Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Are you interested in original modern productions? Then you should like the famous Gogol Center or the ElectroTeater of Stanislavsky.

Take pictures on the floating bridge

Not so long ago, a new place appeared with a luxurious view of the city. It is the floating bridge in Zaryadye Park. Now in this park walks not only many tourists, but also Muscovites. This is the first and only place in the city, in which several climatic zones have been created immediately. In that place, you can not only make good photos for memory but also admire various plants or get to some interesting festivals.

man in black jacket and pants standing on top of building

Ride around the city on a bike

By the way, in addition to the subway, in the warm season, residents are actively using bicycles. There is a convenient movement for cyclists in the center of the city, so, one more thing that needs to be done in Moscow is bicycles. In the center at each corner, there are bicycle rental stations, and each can use them.

Walkthrough the pedestrian streets

In recent years, comfortable pedestrian streets in the center of Moscow are becoming more and more. Now, in addition to the old Arbat, the inhabitants and guests of the capital can enjoy walks along the broad Nikolskaya, which has become one of the most famous places in Moscow after the World Cup, which was held in Russia. From here, you can walk straight to the Kuznetsky bridge.

You can also run on the swing not far from the Metro station “Mayakovskaya”. From there, you can go to a fashion town – Patriarch Ponds. In the area of ​​the Patriarch, there is not only a pond but also a street with many trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Ride through the Moscow River

If the weather allows you, we advise you to ride on the boat on the Moscow River. For those who are not interested in excursions, there are simple walking routes or even whole restaurants that run from one store to another.

Visit creative clusters

If earlier in Moscow from the most famous creative clusters there was only “Vinzavod” and “FLACON”, now, they have become even more. You can look at the Artplay Design Center, reach “Vinzavod” and visit the next exhibition of contemporary art. And then you can safely go to a new place – “Hlebozavod”. Here you will be waiting for a variety of showrooms from local designers, bars, cafes, restaurants, and in summer, there are roofs on which you can sunbathe.

Stroll through parks

Moscow is full of parks, but Gorky Park deserves separate attention. There is always something to do there. For example, in the summer in the evenings, the open air is arranged by the film. A lot of fairs and a wide variety of festivals are often held here. During the wintertime, tourists can ice-skate.

Not far from Gorky Park is a museum under the open-air museum. You can look here, walking along the embankment of the Moscow River. Here there are a huge number of interesting sculptures, and anyone can come here completely free.

In Moscow, full of entertainment for every taste and wallet – you will find what you like. We hope that our list will help you draw up the perfect program for your trip to this huge and amazing city.

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