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Europe for retire

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There are places in Europe where you can find affordable properties for sale or rent for your retirement. Some cost less than $600 a month for rent and others are on sale for less than $110,000. You can even enjoy a satisfying three-course meal for less than $10 and buy a bag of fresh vegetables and other groceries for $6.

Are you looking for best places to retire in Europe? These are the best countries to start your search.

Top 6 countries for retirement in Europe

By evaluating several factors such as cost of living, climate, lifestyle, and other, we came up with these six countries as some of the best options for retirement in Europe.

1. Portugal

With a global peace index rank on 4/163, Portugal is by far one of the best places to retire in Europe. Locals here are friendly to foreigners and the cost of living is just right [Cost of Living Index: 50.39]. Any non-EU citizen can easily retire in Portugal and feel just as free like at home.

Portugal offers the stunning beauty of France at a price that will make you smile. Portugal has an excellent infrastructure, a good education system, and warm beaches if you ever feel like going for a swim.

Portugal is a choice retirement destination for the British, French, Dutch, and Germans. Cities like Lisbon, Lagos, Porto, Coimbra, and Albufeira are some of the best cities to stay in.

2. Italy

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Italy is another affordable option in Europe for retirement. A couple can survive on a $2,500 monthly budget that includes rent, groceries, gas, and electricity bill. Living outside big cities allows you to purchase property for dirt cheap prices. You can easily purchase a small historic home and renovate it to suit your taste. 

The climate in Italy is mild. There is a never-ending summer in some parts of this country. Some of the best places to reside in these areas are Napoli, Sicily, Spoleto, and Rome.

3. Spain

Spain is a natural wonder and an expat’s paradise on Earth. With over 3,000 miles of sunny coastline, friendly locals, dynamic terrains, ancient culture, lively beaches, snow-capped mountains, and calm weather, Spain turns retirement in vacation.

With over 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, living in Spain allows you to enjoy every single day of your retirement. Furthermore, Spanish cuisine is world-wide renown. Some of the best places to reside in Spain are Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, and Valencia.

4. France

France is a first-class country with a glittering reputation and attractive culture. If you have a great retirement budget, you should consider France. As an added benefit, it has some of the most delightful cuisines in the world.

The cost of living in France is like that in the USA. A couple can live comfortably in France on a $3,000 monthly budget. There is a lot in France that might make you happy and allow you to enjoy retirement.

5. Croatia

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Did you watch HBO’s Game of Thrones? A lot of scenes and landscapes used in the movies were shot in this country. Croatia has always been a favorite travel destination for European vacationers but retiring in this country is a privilege to be savored. 

You can sit at the park breathing the fresh sea air, sipping coffee next to brightly colored olive trees and ancient Roman temples. It might be true that you can become healthier by retiring in Croatia.

6. Malta

Last on our list is Malta. A lot of retirees choose to settle Malta, because of its alluring climate, compact size, and breathtaking scenery. Real estate, property, and lifestyle is one of the cheapest on the continent.

Malta is an excellent place to retire an excellent place for people who still want an active social and cultural life. Malta has airports connected to the whole world.

Why Europe is a great place to retire

Retiring in Europe is a dream come true for a lot of nomads and expats. We can easily say that Europe has it all. Rich in culture, history, urban centers, exotic lifestyle, and variety. Plus, the cost of living is quite low depending on where you reside. These are some of the benefits of retiring in Europe:

  • Europe has beautiful and diverse scenery;
  • Delicious cuisine;
  • Rich cultural history;
  • Moderate cost of living;
  • Good public health care ad high life expectancy;
  • Alluring lifestyle.

No matter where you choose to retire, it’s important to find the pros and cons of living in that place. As an EU national, you can live in another EU country. But if you receive any pensions from your home country, it may be subjected to taxation. You can start by visiting your chosen location as a tourist before living there as a retiree.

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