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Immigration guides: Belgium

Flag of Belgium

Belgium residents are guaranteed the best social support system in Europe. It has a quality education and healthcare. 

Benefits of moving to Belgium

In terms of living standards, Belgium ranks 17th out of 180 countries. Here 90% of the population is middle class. An excellent economic climate for doing business has been created here. The Kingdom supports dual citizenship.

The Belgian economy allows entrepreneurs to successfully develop their business. In addition, Belgium is looking for highly qualified specialists, as well as those who can solve a specific problem faced quickly and creatively.

Belgian healthcare system is considered the best in the world, there are four doctors per 1,000 people, which is a very impressive result.

Grounds for immigration

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Belgium is part of the European Union, is one of the Schengen countries, a member of the UN and NATO. You can obtain the EU Passport just for 5-6 years. 

Grounds for immigration to Belgium:

  • Availability of an employment contract with a Belgian employer
  • Conclusion of an official marriage with a Belgian (Belgian)
  • Studying at Belgium’s University  
  • Investments in the country’s economy
  • Business immigration
  • Family reunion
  • Political asylum

Business immigration

The Kingdom is the perfect place to start and run a successful business. There are economic and financial stability, transparency of tax legislation, and a geographic location for doing business. The investment climate is favorable here.

Belgium has a simplified program for obtaining a residence permit for enterprising foreigners who can take some benefits for the state

To take part in the business emigration program, the applicant must meet the criteria:

  • Create a successful start-up or invest in a Belgian company
  • Availability of a bachelor’s degree or a specialist in the specified field of activity
  • Experience as a manager

Interestingly, the Belgian legislation does not specify the amount of the authorized capital or investments. Together with the entrepreneur, his family can participate in the program – husband (wife), children under 18 years of age. After 3 years, an immigrant can get permanent residence, and after 4 years – a Belgian passport.


One of the simplest and most convenient ways for young people to move to Belgium for permanent residence is to become a student at a Belgian University. He/she need to have the following documents:

  • Certificate of account status, confirmation of a legal source of income, or a guarantee from relatives, about financing.
  • Language certificate confirming knowledge of one of the state languages.

Other methods

Marriage. To do this, you need to obtain a “bride / groom visa”. It is permissible to contact the registry office in the country of residence. After that, a D visa is opened through the Belgian Embassy, ​​and upon arrival in Belgium – a residence permit. A residence permit is issued for 1 year, and then it is extended.

Employment. There are two ways – getting a license to conduct business and obtaining a work permit. The consent is provided at the same time as the right of residence.

In the second case, the interested employer must contact the Ministry of Employment and submit strong evidence of the need to hire a specialist from abroad.

Family reunification. For this, a close relative must be Belgian.

Cultural exchange program “Au Pair”. Its essence is that a Belgian family is hiring a foreign assistant to take care of elderly relatives (pensioners), cleaning the house, and taking care of their children. You can stay in Belgium for 1-2 years.

Obtaining citizenship

The process of obtaining Belgian citizenship takes up to 10 years and goes through the following stages:

  • Choosing a reason for moving – employment, business migration, etc.
  • Sending a request to the Belgian Embassy in your country. In addition to checking certificates and forms, you may need to go through an interview with the consul. The review period is up to 4 months.
  • Obtaining a positive decision, obtaining a long-term visa of category D, entering the territory of the Kingdom.
  • Submission of a case for a residence permit. The first time the card is issued for 1 year. Then for 2 years.
  • Application for permanent residence. The right to apply begins after 3-5 years of residence in the country.
  • Registration of citizenship. Under normal circumstances, the right to apply for citizenship occurs 5 years after receiving permanent residence.
  • Passing the language exam
  • Knowledge of one of the official languages ​​- French, Dutch or German is required. The test result must be at least A2 level according to the European classification

Required documents

The filing of an application for Belgian citizenship is sent accompanied by the following papers:

  • Foreign and civil passport.
  • Certificate of no criminal record.
  • Photos.
  • Compulsory medical insurance.
  • Certificate from a medical facility about the absence of dangerous infectious diseases.
  • Paper confirming the official place of registration.
  • Certificates confirming the financial viability of the applicant.
  • Language certificate confirming knowledge of the state language (Dutch, French or German).
  • Resident card.
  • Act confirming socio-economic integration. This can be a certificate from the place of work, study, papers proving the payment of tax payments and social contributions.


Belgium is a popular country for immigration; people from all over the world dream of moving here. This is due to high living standards, a warm climate, and a nice environment for investment and business. If you want to move to Belgium, then our company will help you with this.

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