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Reasons to visit Japan

Fuji mountain and sakura panorama.

The statistics says that most travelers are from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, but regarding other countries that are not in Asia – United States and Australia.

People are also very interested in traveling to Japan as well as visit the popular destinations and the different culture. Japan is a country in East Asia, in the Pacific Ocean. Japan has a bright culture as its traditions are in various fields, like ceramics, textiles, dolls, performance art of kabuki and other practices well known in the world like the tea ceremony, martial arts, calligraphy, origami, Geisha and other. Japan is popular tourist destination for its nature and interesting landscapes as about 70 percent of Japan is forested, mountainous and left untouched as it is impossible to grow farm plants on mountains. Japans tourism is very impactful to country’s economy and culture.

Top destinations in Japan

There are some top destinations to visit in Japan. First location is the country’s capital – Tokyo. Tokyo has a lot to offer starting from architectural masterpieces to nature. Traditional festivals are popular in Japan as well as other Asian countries and in Tokyo the start of May is celebrated in a festival form. Mountain Fuji is one of the most popular destinations in Japan for tourists.

Another fun adventure that requires enjoying the Japanese infrastructure and transport is bullet train or Shinkansen. Spring is well famous for cherry blossoms all around Japan, but a special place for this visual is Hanami festival for cherry blossoms. Castles of Japan are also very popular tourism object in Japan and it is very interesting to see.

A new edition to all travelers’ go-to lists is Robot restaurant. The Robot restaurant has been popular among famous other country celebrities and featured in many shows. Another interesting destination is Arashiyama Bamboo Forest that gives a look inside a real bamboo forest. Overall the top destinations usually are a mix between nature and landmarks and other architectural, infrastructure related objects, places and locations.

Himeji castle.

Famous landmarks in Japan

Japan has an exquisite nature and landmarks that takes up more than 70 percent of land. There are some more famous landmarks in Japan that are worth traveling for. First location is mountain Fuji that is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the whole world. This mountain has been an inspiration to many paintings and poems and been a huge influence of Japans culture.

Another popular landmark is Himeji Castle or in English – White Heron Castle as it is white building that reminds of a flying bird. This landmark has also been an inspiration to many masterpieces in art for Japanese culture. Popular location that has appeared in many television shows, movies and art pieces is Itsukushima Shrine located on island of Miyajima.

Beautiful architectural masterpiece is Kinkaku-ji that is a Zen Buddhist temple covered in gold leafs that look beautiful from a far. More and more popular is the Jigokudani Monkey Park that has also been gaining attraction among foreign celebrities and travelers.

Japan has many more beautiful landmarks to offer with an interesting activity to add to its visiting. Landmarks are inspiring art, culture and everything that radiates from the country on to the whole world.

Crowd at Shibuya corssing.

Things to know before visiting Japan

There are some things a traveler must know before visiting Japan. First thing is regarding money and cash. Exchange of currency is in very high rates therefore the exchange of currency must be done through bank 7-Bank, that offers best rates as of today.

IC Card is another important aspect of trip to Japan as it is the public transportation payment card that makes the trips a lot easier. For traveling purposes there is a Japan Rail Pass that is great for more than one week traveling around Japan. Important aspect of traveling is accommodation locations that have to be planned beforehand.

Another misconception is that the surgical masks are for people who do not want to breathe polluted air, but in fact it is for people who do not want to infect others by their allergies, sickness etc. Since Japan has a lot of people, the bacteria can travel fast in the air. Japan always has some store open as it is a busy country all day around. Other countries, like in Europe have different approach and some countries have a freer store schedule where in Sunday no store is open at all.

Japan’s culture is very different from the United States and Europe, and, therefore, travelers must be aware of behavioral differences and language barriers in the country.

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