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Reasons to immigrate to Estonia

If you’re an expat looking for a lovely property in the Baltics, Estonia is a fantastic alternative. The nation has fully embraced the fourth revolution, offering e-Residency for internet enterprises and 91% of government services online. Access to the internet is a legal requirement.

Don’t be fooled: Estonia is not just for tech-savvy individuals and startup businesses. This nation has more than two thousand islands and is mostly covered in forests. For expats looking for an outdoor experience with a robust Wi-Fi signal, Estonia is a terrific option.

Here are some of the reasons to immigrate to Estonia.

Flag of Estonia

Opportunities for a job

In Estonia, the IT industry is booming. There are a lot of fascinating tech companies, interesting projects, and excellent employment offers available, including the potential for quick career advancement. The primary driver and draw of Estonia, according to people relocating there from western nations, is its flat organizational structure, which makes it possible for citizens to advance in their careers more quickly than in other nations.

Environment for living

Particularly for a family with young children, Estonia is a very nice area to live. The roads are secure. There is plenty of room, no crowds, and terrible traffic. Compared to larger cities, the pace of life here is less busy and stressful. The water may drink directly from the tab, and the air is clear. The medical system is incredibly effective. To go outside of the city and into a pristine environment is reasonably simple and quick. In Tallinn, public transportation is well-organized, courteous, and cost-free.

Good balance between social life and work

The working environment is typically extremely pleasant in Estonian IT firms. After 6 or 7 pm, the offices are typically rather vacant, and the work environment is not hectic. To spend more time with the family, participate in sports, or just live life, the commute to and from work shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.


Estonia typically makes expats feel very at home. The majority of Estonian IT companies use English as their primary working language. It is typically easy to at least get by in Russian and English, whether at the doctor’s office, on the street, at the shops, or in governmental organizations. Additionally, the majority of IT firms provide free classes to learn Estonian.

Work permit

Since 2004, Estonia has been a member of the European Union. The majority of IT organizations provide long-term direct contracts, relocation assistance, housing for the first month of employment, and family-friendly visa arrangements. A residence permit is often granted for a period of one to two years and is linked to the employment contract. It may be prolonged in the future. After five years of continuous residence in Estonia, you may apply for a long-term residency permit if you have assimilated into Estonian society and speak the language at least at a B1 level.


No bureaucracy exists. Online, all questions and problems can be resolved rather quickly. In e-Estonia, communication between government entities and between the government and its citizens has undergone a complete transformation. Bureaucracy is now a thing of the past, and all levels of government are operating more effectively than ever.


A modern business environment with a reliable and compatible infrastructure exists. The Republic of Estonia is the first government to provide e-Residency, a global digital identity accessible to anyone interested in managing a location-independent online business. Every world citizen is given access to an official digital identity through e-Residency, as well as the chance to manage a reliable business online from anywhere in the globe.

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