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The most eco friendly cities

Eco friendly


Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the most comfortable city in the world. Moreover, in 2020 Vienna was awarded the title of the greenest city. The capital of Austria is 55% green. Besides, officials have introduced a new rule in the megalopolis: the distance from each residential building to the nearest square should not exceed 250 meters. 

white palace during daytime

Even the roofs and facades of buildings here are trying to green. And the city plan is thought out so that there are large parks in the center, and not only on the outskirts. Vienna is the greenest city in the world thanks to its many parks and developed public transport: many locals have given up their private cars that pollute the environment.


Munich, Germany

The German city of Munich is courageously moving forward in the implementation of projects for the use of alternative energy. At the same time, the city authorities do not say that they want to abandon traditional sources, such as coal fuel or nuclear energy. Munich has an innovative rapid transit system that has reduced the number of cars in the city. The city has many green public spaces and parks.

aerial view of green and brown basketball court during daytime


Madrid, Spain

Madrid is considered a city with one of the strictest ecological zones in the world. It is prohibited to enter cars with gasoline engines manufactured before 2000 and diesel engines manufactured before 2006. Others can park in the public car park. Unlimited access to Madrid Central is only open to electric vehicle owners and residents.

road between houses


Curitiba, Brazil

However, not only Europe is ahead of green technologies. Brazil also has something to be proud of! Curitiba is a city in southern Brazil, the gold standard for sustainable urban planning, “green capital”, “greenest city on Earth”, “most innovative city on the planet.” The city has an abundance of organic farmers’ markets. Brasil – the best choice for immigrating out of Europe.


red flower field near city buildings during daytime

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Despite its high population density of 2.7 million, Illinois has a reputation for being a very clean and green city. State programs encourage city residents in every possible way for using urban transport and, as a result, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The creative decision was to green more than 180 million square meters of rooftops, thereby improving air quality.


different vehicles on road near Chicago city buildings

Geneva, Switzerland

Many people know Geneva (Switzerland) as one of the most expensive, fashionable cities in the world. Thanks to the efforts of the authorities and the local population, the city is one of the cleanest in the world. The Geneva Environment Network – a network of organizations, whose work is aimed at environmental protection, was organized in Geneva.

aerial view of city buildings near body of water during daytime


Reykjavik, Iceland

The city, located almost at the edge of the Arctic Circle, was devoid of any urban development until the 19th century. Therefore, today Reykjavik is the cleanest and greenest city on the planet, where there is almost no polluted air.



Each person is responsible for the purity of the surrounding world. Do not expect that by chance a massive cleaning up of the city will begin, you need to start with yourself: throw garbage in a trash can, take part in a clean-up, change from a car to a bicycle. When these truths are adhered to by almost all residents of large cities, the list of the cleanest cities in the world will surely become larger.

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